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A prediction: Why the Oxballs male chastity device will make male chastity mainstream

An even bigger game changer than the
Suspicion confirmed.

According to Ruffled Sheets, the Oxballs Atomic Jock Cock-Lock does what it says it does. It's a stretch-to-fit lock-free male chastity device. It's comfortable. You can even pee in it.

However, you can't get erect in it.

I think that this will be an even bigger game changer than the CB2000.

The good old CB2000 and the range it spawned took male chastity out of fetish and turned them into a couple toy. Read their web copy;  It's all about the battle of the sexes, or being together, or putting the spark back. And, it's usually a CB-x that makes it into the mainstream media.

...there are still BDSM overtones
to the functionality
The downside is that the CB-x range is still inherently about power exchange. There's a key. The logic is that she should have it. If she doesn't want it, then there's a palaver about what to do with it.

Also, hard plastic, locks... all seems a bit harsh. If it doesn't fit the BDSM aesthetic, there are still BDSM overtones to the design.

Enter the Cock-Lock.

It's soft, sensual. It sits well next to the dildo and the vibrator. There's no lock, no power exchange... just no erect penis.

It's a mainstream sex toy.

And it's cheap.

Taken together, this makes the device a game changer. Here's why: 75% of all women can't reach orgasm by penetration alone. It follows that, if a woman is at all ambivalent about penis-in-vagina sex, then there's not much motivation for her to do it.

And, young women as a group are notoriously ambivalent about the whole penetration thing.
The [UK] survey's findings show that one in five young men and almost half of young women between the ages of 16 and 24 surveyed wished they had waited longer to start having sex. (source)
You'd think improved sex education would encourage people to have sex. However Dutch teenagers have sex later than their counterparts.

Somebody's briefs -- or jeans! -- stay on, either his or hers
Educated college girls can be more liberated, however I suspect that issues with gender politics, increased introspection, plus  assertiveness -- "I'm not sure I'm ready for this" --  don't make them any more willing to have penetrative sex than their mainstream counterparts. Sure more of them are orgasmic than before, but that's solo via clitoral stimulation.

Back in the day, I had girlfriends who kept their knickers on, or only allowed me to strip to my boxers.

I also remember a girl who made her boyfriend wear Speedos in bed.

Judging from what young men post to forums, I don't think things have changed much. The questions young men post online seem to back this up. Somebody's briefs -- or jeans! -- stay on, either his or hers, usually hers these days by the look of it (though I bet the boys who manage to strip their girls complain less online).

Now enter the Cock-Lock. It even looks like a condom. Sooner or later it's going to escape into the wild:
And all because of a cheap bit
of thermoplastic.
"Wear this so I feel safe/to show me you're serious about respecting me."
"You want to get her jeans off, bro? Get a cock lock."
The nice thing about this approach is that, unlike Red Pill tricks, it's honest and trust-building, just an extension of, "If I keep on my jeans will you take off yours?"

Even if it doesn't go viral on its own, all it takes is one teen sex comedy. Suddenly bedroom chastity is mainstream.

Now, imagine a world where a lot of  young people have their first erotic experiences using a male chastity device.

Some 47% of women fantasize about dominating their partner. Though the Cock-Lock looks innocent, or at least merely naughty, it still puts the aroused male in a weak position, reducing him to a cum-dripping weakling before the erotic awesomeness of his goddess-like girlfriend. To me this looks like an easy, early way into Femdom, turning potential dominatrices into the fully fledged own-pleasure-seeking empowered real thing.

And all because of a cheap bit of thermoplastic.

EDIT: And now there's another soft cage:

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  1. Bring it on. Society/mainstream is more than ready for this product and for the awesomeness of Female Led Relationships/Marriages. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Well it will certainly make this easier for the next generation.

  2. Um, what's the difference between telling him to use this and just telling him he's not allowed to wank?

    As a woman, I would say that regret over too-early sexual encounters has little to do with how women as a whole (half of the entire human population) view sex; in particular, penetrative, straight sex. Perhaps a more accurate description could be this:

    " 'not engaging in sexual activity with someone only because I did not want to appear promiscuous'; 16% of women in comparison to 8% of men reported this lament. Women are more likely than men to worry about appearing promiscuous."

    Or maybe specific facts like that have very little to do with anything.

    1. Kitty, I totally agree. My Mistress owns cage and it is very rarely used and when it is, it is for punishment purposes. I am strictly prohibited from masturbating without permission or supervision of course, and I am prohibited from touching it at all except for peeing and washing. Mistress believes that the ability for me to comply must go beyond lack of access.

    2. That being said, this thing is still cool.

    3. Hi Kitty - The context I'm imagining is with younger people where she only feels comfortable if there are some barriers between her and penetration. Usually this means one or other partner keeps their jeans on. What the boy does later isn't the issue, so it's different from not letting him wank.

      I assume young women have all sorts of reasons for being ambivalent about penetrative sex, some acculturation, some pragmatic to do with relationships, trust or reputation, some to do with past bad experiences. I don't mean to judge or treat that ambivalence cynically as something to be overcome through duplicity (have updated blog entry to reflect this).

      My point is that there is often a phase in relationships between young people where the intimacy flows in one direction at a time. This sort of device would seem to fit neatly and honestly into that phase.

    4. Sub hub phx - as per my response to Kitty - I'm not envisaging this device being used in orgasm control, but rather as an extension of intimacy control.

  3. Gotta buy my husband with this male chastity product! I know this will make our sex life more intimate and interesting.

    1. Judging from your website it looks as if you already have!!!!


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