Wednesday, 24 October 2018

How I measured for my Custom Chastity Saint - the one I've been wearing for over 70 days 24/7

Here's how I measured myself for my customised Custom Chastity Saint.

  • I did my measurements when warm but not aroused.
  • I used this cheap caliper off Amazon:

Over on the Custom Chastity website, Lady Fox asks for the base ring size - clue, not too tight - plus these measurements:

A: I don't have a very long dick, so don't need much bend in my devices. I therefore measured my dick by laying it on the edge of a table and pressing a toothpast box against the tip. Then measured from the edge of the box to the root of my dick.

B. is harder. It can't be too tight otherwise arousal causes oedema and the penis gets stuck during turtling (we tried a super snug device - it was mindblowing but impractical). My solution was to measure my penis at the crown or corona:

In other words, I measured my penis girth at its greatest dimension.

C: The dreaded gap is really hard to guess. It's better to be a little loose than too tight. You'll have to work that out for yourself. 

For my custom device, I needed a fourth measurement:

D: The length of the tube up to what you could call the lip:

This turned out to be really critical for preventing turtling. I've marked the sweet spot using a blue dot:

The lip should press securely on the corpus cavernosum, meaning the meat of the penis. It should not press into the valley just behind the head.

I'm circumcised. The ideal location on me is before the start of my circumcision scar. If you are uncut, then you're probably looking for the point before where your foreskin begins.

This makes the head section of the device seem a little swept back compared to standard (the pink one is the new version):

However, I find it prevents most turtling - the penis seems to curl up before it retracts, and that's the sweet spot for preventing it escaping - and my erections never get stuck in the cage.

The end result appears to be wearable indefinitely:

This is what worked for me. You mileage - as they say - may vary...

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