Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Bluetooth Chastity Debacle! Is this Male Chastity's 50 Shades of Visibility Moment?


It's official, we made it to the BBC!

Qiui's Cellmate Chastity Cage is sold online for about $190 (£145) and is marketed as a way for owners to give a partner control over access to their body.

Pen Test Partners believe about 40,000 devices have been sold based on the number of IDs that have been granted by its Guangdong-based creator.

The cage wirelessly connects to a smartphone via a Bluetooth signal, which is used to trigger the device's lock-and-clamp mechanism.

But to achieve this, the software relies on sending commands to a computer server used by the manufacturer.

Not to mention The Sun and Techcrunch!

(By "we" I mean our chastity fetish; the real heroes are Pen Test Partners.)

Suddenly an awful lot of people are being made aware of this fetish. The effect will be... interesting.

Male chastity is an odd fetish that literally comes from nowhere. It's not like boots or stockings or cross-dressing - you can't point to an early sexual experience or fantasy and blame it on that. 

Cellmate user map

It's more like an evolutionary trap, something that pushes certain adaptive buttons in some people.

And what people? Take a look at this small sample of Cellmate users on a map from Pen Test Partners:

Rather more Chinese users than you'd expect, eh?

Also, the estimate of 40K users is illuminating.

Glancing at the map, that gives us about 12K users in the USA.

As of 10 years ago, the US had 60,000K men fit for military age.

That gives us 0.02% of American men own a Cellmate.

So what proportion of the entire chastity device market is the Cellmate? I think no more than 5%. 

If so, assuming the US is representative, that gives us roughly 0.5% of Western men have chastity device. 

1 in 200.

That's pretty stunning.

Is this going to be like when 50 Shades of Grey appeared? Back then, the BDSM clubs were suddenly inundated with novices, and kink entered the discourse. I wonder if chastity device makers are in for a sudden bonanza? 

UPDATE My friend Tall Chaste Guy used order serial numbers between two devices to guesstimate that Steelworxx sell 2K a year, which he thinks rather high for a "one man shop", but I think is doable in batches.

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