Monday, 29 January 2018

40 Days in a Custom Chastity Saint: Lessons for long-term 24/7 lock-up

Monday morning, back in November. Xena is about to leave for work:
Me: You didn't tell me lockup last night.
Xena: Stay locked up.
Me: But it's Monday and I have no Penalty Days (i.e. I should get to cum today)
Xena: Tough.
Me: (Too turned on to speak because this happened last week as well)
The next week we shifted to, "Giles gets to unlock when Xena tells him." And I ended up being locked 24/7 for 40 days.

Activities included: attending business meetings and even giving a long PowerPoint presentation; temporally moving home (Xena has a sabbatical so we've rented out our suburban home and shifted to a tiny modern flat in one of those dockland type developments - I spent two weeks cleaning and shifting stuff into the garage while Xena was at work); preparing for Christmas; Christmas itself; visiting relatives; and hillwalking in the snow.

In the mean time, Xena got into the habit of masturbating while lying next to me in bed. Me? I got to wear nipple clamps while her vibrator buzzed away...

So that's the first lesson:

The Custom Chastity Saint
Maximise keyholder enthusiasm by eliminating practical downsides. I'd already worn the Saint for 30 days with no problems. Xena knew it was invisible, didn't affect any activities it wasn't supposed to, and didn't pose any health risks. She simply stopped second guessing herself and started enjoying being mean.

The other lessons are all practical, learned from the Custom Chastity Saint, but probably also apply to other good cages.

Don't panic about concealment: Our entire culture is geared to concealing male genitals and avoiding contact with them.  Seriously! If you are straight, it's only once you start wearing a chastity device that you realise that all (cis) men have a genital bulge and that etiquette demands that nobody looks at it.

Also, even when you have to get your trousers off for an examination - say at the doctors or a for a physio - there's a sort of towel or robe fan dance designed to avoid exposing the shape of your man parts through your briefs. Presumably they don't want to see if you get  hard, but this also benefits chastity device wearers.

Wearing or not wearing?
This only applies, of course, if you are wearing a sensible device that conforms to your genitals.

Pick stretchy form-fitting clothing that keeps your package concealed and in place. In loose clothing, your caged genitals can get caught in odd places, e.g. when you sit down they can end up down your leg! So, stretch jeans are better than cargo pants as they keep anything in place.

Modern stretchy boxer shorts are also your friends, but not with flies. They offer the most support, and stop your caged package drifting to the side. They also ensure there are no gaps where you balls might rub your trousers. Avoid flies because if their buttons are flimsy, then you're really down to one line of defence - the zip on your jeans or trousers, which might burst or come down.

Protect the surprisingly delicate genital skin.  Don't scratch, even if it itches. It's very easy to claw through the skin.  Also, if the device causes pain, you have an issue. Pinching, stinging, or any soreness, indicates that something's wrong. Either way, you'll end up with a chafe or an abrasion in just the wrong place and your adventure might have to end.

Deal with itching by staying clean, regularly laundering your clothes, and avoiding soaps and detergents that set your skin off. If you get jock itch, treat it quickly. You have less wiggle room when locked up.

In general, clean carefully. Resist the urge to drag the skin out the lower front of the tube, as this scrapes the underside of the base of the penis. Similarly, go easy on the wet wipes. Don't end up sawing away at the underside of the shaft either. (These two mistakes caused some abrasions, otherwise I might have gone longer than 40 days.)

Rinse well and use a hairdryer on cool setting to get dry.

Xena likes me chaste
Don't let your caged man parts get slippery. Yes, I know some people are excited by pictures of caged rock hard erections dragging the balls up like an obscene flag. However, that's a good way to damage the skin! (See above.) The way to avoid this is not let your genitals get slippery! A slippery base ring... well slips. A dry one stays anchored, preventing "flagpole syndrome".

Avoid getting slippery by not using lotion at night, and by showering daily - greasy skin can be slippery.

It's (probably) OK to use the cage as a dressing as long as the abrasion isn't in on a pressure spot.  If you do get an abrasion due to something going wrong - too-rough cleaning, tentpoling etc - then don't panic. If the skin damage is not where the device normally causes pressure or rubs, then you're probably OK treating the device as the equivalent of a bandage. Do, however, keep an eye on the wound. If it shows signs of getting worse, then it's probably time to unlock.

I learned these lessons the hard way! However, it's been worth it. Now when Xena chooses to keep me locked, I have the deliciously scary sense that there's no practical upper limit, that it's totally open-ended.

As for Xena? Even though she is mysterious about exactly what she gets from it, she obviously likes to keep me chaste.

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