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What to do with a broken Holy Trainer? Turn it into a (semi) permanent chastity device...

The HT2 is an awesome device to
wear, but it has two design flaws

After roughly a month and a half my Holy Trainer chastity device broke... AGAIN.

This is the third time, and though their customer services were great the first two times, they are now ignoring me.

I imagine that either they think I'm doing something stupid with the device, or else, being a small operation, they are in a state of panic. I'm not the only person this has happened to. (I will say that when they bring out the Holy Trainer 3, I shall probably buy it.)

The HT2 is an awesome device to wear, but it has two design flaws:

most chastity-oriented men
would count themselves
lucky to wear their device
for 60 nights 
in a year!
First, that stupid locking post which is far far too weak and weedy for the constant pressure it's under. I've had the same fault on three devices. No coincidence!

Second, the bioresin, whatever that is. It really does soften as it warms up, but this is a useless feature. The device's design is already comfortable. All the softening does is cause a risk of tearing -- another fault reported by some users.

The fact the Internet isn't full of Holy Trainer sob stories simply suggests to me that most of these devices aren't actually worn that often. Mine broke after -- what? -- 60 nights.

I suspect that most chastity-oriented men would count themselves lucky to wear their device for 60 nights in a year! (If it broke after that, and the company sent them a replacement, then that gives the thing a lifetime of at least 2 years - a pretty good deal, actually. And I wonder whether the bioresin recovers from stress if you let it rest.)

I used Araldite Rapid
But I do wear my device almost every night, our Femdom doesn't really work without it, and I can't afford a new one: What I am supposed to do with my broken chastity device?

Actually, out of desperation, I've already done it. Last time I had a breakage, I got the spare slightly larger ring and glued it to the tube.

I can't show you a picture because I'm wearing the thing right now, and I've discovered I'm not comfortable with putting up any kind of cock shot.

I'm not saying this is a good idea, I suspect that eventually the device will break permanently, and if you went for a tighter base ring, this might not work, but...

This is how to turn your broken Holy Trainer 2 into a semi-permanent or long term chastity device

  1. Remove broken device from genitals(!), get some privacy for a few hours and the use of a work surface.
  2. Purchase some powerful two-part epoxy resin glue. I used Araldite Rapid.
  3. Clean the hell out of the surfaces to glue.
    This means using detergent and then perhaps white spirit.
  4. Roughen the surfaces to glue.
    I scored them with a craft knife (be careful!) and a small wire brush. You could also use rough sandpaper.
  5. Apply the glue as per instructions on the packet.
    You might want to also glue back the broken bit of the peg.
  6. Peg or clamp the parts together, but not too firmly otherwise you'll squeeze out all the glue!
  7. Leave the device for at least twice the time recommended on the pack. 
  8. Once set, check the bond then thoroughly wash the device.
  9. If the bond failed and you used the right glue, scrape away the glue and start again.
    (I had to do this.)

Getting in and out of your semi-permanent chastity device

OK so you now have a single-piece chastity device. How do you get into it? Easy, thanks to the otherwise useless bioresin:
  1. In your bathroom sink, run the hot water until very hot. Place the device in the sink on its base ring and fill the sink until the base ring only is covered.
  2. Once the base ring is pliable, take the device out of the sink and dry it.Without putting too much pressure on the tube, bend back the base ring and squeeze it.
  3. One at a time, slip your testicles through the base ring. Push your penis into the tube as best you can.
  4. Now get into the shower and squirt cold water at your genitals. This hardens the device, giving it some robustness. Dry off and use a Q-tip etc to align your penis as normal.
Getting out is harder because your genitals can't take the same heat as the device on its own! 
  1. Have a long hot bath.
  2. One the bass-ring is pliable, retrieve your penis from the tube.
  3. Carefully bend back the base ring without putting pressure on the tube and free your testicles one at a time. This may hurt a little.
  4. Place the device somewhere to cool off, then run it under cold water.

Why this is a semi-permanent chastity device

Xena is also busy, but I
get the sense that she doesn't
object to the new arrangement.
Getting out, and to an extent getting in, is not a trivial operation. I certainly can't just whip it off before going for a jog or meeting friends for coffee, and I probably shouldn't; sooner or later that pliable base ring is going to break!

So I've ended up with a chastity device that's installed by default but which can be carefully removed from time to time if required. A bit like a semi-convertible car with a roof you can leave at home but mostly don't.

This means changing my rules of engagement and regarding my chastity device pretty much the way I would a piercing and body jewelry. 

We'll see how the weekend goes.
I have 50 demerits outstanding.
I'll be wearing it out and about not for any kind of kick, but because I simply can't remove it without a lot of trouble and the risk of wasting £100. 
Right now we both have a lot going on professionally, so I haven't had a chance to think about how I feel about all this. It certainly of itself doesn't feel wildly erotic. Wearing a device has become a comfortable routine. 

Xena is also busy, but I get the sense that she doesn't object to the new arrangement. 

We'll see how the weekend goes. I have 50 demerits outstanding.

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