Friday, 28 September 2018

Day 40 of permanent chastity (45 days locked)

 I might also become uninterested in letting you out.
So I hit day 40 sealed in, 45 locked.

There's not much to report. It feels same as it did in the first week and after the third week - no chafing, no impending issues.

The swept back head section has passed the test of time: it really does eliminate turtling. So I have reason to be proud of my little innovation! It makes the device just that bit more practical - no poking around when I need to pee - and aesthetically pleasing - it always looks like a second skin, not a shell in which the penis can hide.

This is a busy couple of months for Xena - one of the reasons for this adventure - so I have no Femdom pyrotechnics to report. Knowing how much locked as default pushes her buttons, I have high expectations for when there's time and energy.

The effect on our relationship has been subtle.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

A Truly Fire and Forget Male Chastity Device? 21 days in a sinister custom Custom Chastity Saint male chastity device...

I'm currently locked in a custom Saint device from Custom Chastity.
I passed Day 21 earlier this week and I'm still locked - well sealed, as of two plus weeks ago. I've also worn it almost 24/7 since Lady Fox sent it to me for testing more than a month ago.

My verdict is that this chastity device is so fire and forget as to make it sinister as heck.

The security is as good as any other ball gripper. I can in theory get my dick out, but masturbating would chafe the skin and leave me to puffy to get back in. Getting off wearing the device would be uncomfortable and cause different issues. Pawing at all the exposed skin would mostly just irritate it. Also, I can't lie to Xena. She'd know.

As for the rest, it's remarkable in that there's not much to remark on.