Friday, 3 August 2018

Customised Custom Chastity Saint Chastity Device: A Cure for Turtling and Catching

Pink! OMG!
(This is a rather technical article about male chastity device design and measurements. If you are looking for more on our Female Led Relationship click here.)

So Lady Fox of Custom Chastity sent me a modified version of the Saint to try out. It's lurid pink - her idea of a joke, I guess (it certainly made Xena laugh). It incorporates three changes to deal with "catching" and "turtling", and it works.

I think catching and turtling are the bane of close fitting male chastity.

In "catching" the penis shrinks a little, becomes unseated, then when it expands gets stuck with its nose rammed into the roof of the tube. In "turtling" the penis shrinks dramatically - usually in self defence - then gets jammed in position.

My Ghost
These cause problems when peeing - you need to go fishing for your dick with your finger - but also spoil the chastity experience. You rarely ever find your penis neatly seated in its prison. And, without manual intervention, an erection is likely to get stuck in the barrel - that's a real issue if you're tied up!

One solution is to have a relatively loose tube/cage section. My Custom Chastity Ghost fits this bill: the whole tube is width/diameter of the crown of my penis when hard. Occasionally if out and about on a cold day, peeing meant going fishing with my finger, but otherwise catching and turtling weren't a problem.

My Saint
However, we all want close fitting devices that make us feel constrained, and hides well under clothing. This leads us to the Saint which I've been wearing almost continuously since last Autumn.
As I put it in my review:
I find I'm mostly lined up to pee when I down-zip, but if I'm not, then it's easy to align properly. Similarly, if I'm stuck in the barrel due to night turtling, it's a simple matter to poke a finger in and retrieve the errant member. Oh, and of course, there's nowhere for pee to collect.
So the fix is essentially to accept catching and turtling as a fact of life, but have easy access to fix it. Until...

One day, using the sock trick to get into the device I pulled too much in and squished my head a little. The some of the shaft came into the head section. I left it like that to see what happened. Imagine my surprise when everything remained seated even during exercise, and no need to go fishing with my finger when I woke up! It wasn't perfect because I had to squash the head and it sometimes ended up caught unevenly. However, shifting the C ring back would resolve that.

Here's the sketch I sent Lady Fox:

I think it works because (a) the penis rears before it turtles, and that's the sweet spot to stop it, and (b) the new position for the C ring rests firmly on "corpus" rather than on its edge.

So, always keen to use me as a guinea pig,  Lady Fox shifted the C-ring back, and stretched the paperclip a little. She also - you can't see this - made the top of the cage section flush with the inside of the C-ring so there was nothing to catch on:

C-ring moved further back.
Finally, she removed the central ventral spar creating one big vent:

One big vent
This is intended to solve the occasional chafing problem caused by heat and sweat. However I suspect it also removes a trigger for turtling, and takes the rug out of jamming - there's nothing to jam against.

And it works.

For the last two days, I'v woken with morning wood perfectly seated in the device. And every time I've gone to pee, I've downzipped to find myself already lined up. At the most I've had to push the device against my body in order to dock the head with the slit.

Here's me wearing it, once I had dyed it a flesh tone:

Last night I took about fifty lashes while tied up. My erection came and went, but every time I was hard I was perfectly seated.

So basically, change just one measurement, and the turtling goes away. If only I'd known.

As for wearing this Custom Chastity device long term - watch this space...


  1. This is a 'full on' educational post. :)

  2. That's really interesting. Do you think a similar approach can be taken towards the ghost? The saint doesn't have any support for a PA piercing so the only option for me is the ghost.

    1. Yes. The longer head section should just work. However, it might be worth challenging Lady Fox to come up with a PA version.


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