Tuesday, 14 August 2018

The World Needs More Female Focused Femdom

The World Needs More Female
Focused Femdom
When people post one of those "Survey Shows Straight Men Crap In Bed" articles on twitter, I often respond with  "The World Needs More #FemaleFocusedFemdom" as cure for things like men coming to bed unwashed, skimping on oral, skipping other stuff...

Let's be clear, "more" is not the same as "everybody". However, an Irish sex survey has 20% of modern couples doing some BDSM. There's probably more couples who would if either partner introduced it, or if they had the confidence. A Quebec survey has roughly half people with dominant fantasies and half with submissive ones, though it's not clear how these overlap.
So there's potential for, say, 30-40% of couples to enjoy some bedroom Femdom. As long as it's female focused - she's really in charge - they can learn her needs and how to satisfy them. However...

The cultural expectation of Femdom makes
Female Focused Femdom difficult. 
The cultural expectation of Femdom makes this difficult.

The dominatrix - whether pro and/or enthusiastic kink fairy, statistically rare - is the gold standard.

So Femdom is performed around his fantasies, tailoring his experience. All work and no play for her.

That same gold standard probably makes malesubs amongst the worst lovers, and bad at submitting. They're not interested in vanilla sex, so don't put the effort in. Since no woman can live up to the fantasy, they obsess with simulating Femdom rather than doing what she wants.

I think malesubs are also often scared of the submissive undertow, and cling to unattainable fantasies in order to keep their heads above water. Their orientation threatens not just their masculinity, but their autonomy. So they go into denial and play Alpha (badly).

Female-focused Femdom is the fix for all this. It's still kinky, but hands her license to be selfish. The sub trades fantasy for the thrill of raw submission. Both partners find satisfaction.

Not for everybody, but the world would be better if there was more of this.

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