Friday, 24 August 2018

Day 10 in the custom Custom Chastity Saint, Day 5 of permanent chastity

Ten days in this custom nylon chastity device and not much to report. There's no build up of dead skin under the shaft, no visible signs of mild chafing - no red patches - and no odd smells. Everything dries easily, though a quick blast of the hairdryer speeds that up. Apart from not being able to get erect of have an orgasm, it's pretty much like having naked genitals.

Five days of permanent chastity...  that still takes some getting used to. I keep noticing dead decision points, and sometimes I'm aware of my situation and get horribly turned on all on my own. The relationship effects aren't yet clear...

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  1. So let me get this right Giles, will you never be able to have penetrative sex or masterbate again? Like, ever?

    - Mr. Bump

    1. Permanent as in permanent when somebody nails shut a window or bricks up a door. "Open ended with a positive decision and some effort required for release" might be a better description.

    2. I see! Interesting! Btw- I did join FL... all sorts on there to wade through looking for my corner... but I've chatted to some cool people on there... Still a lot of exploring to do Re: FLR and Sacred Kink that is a thing that interests me. Thing is, sometimes a find a really interesting group, and I'm just about to join - and then I notice that the last activity was 7 years ago or something, which is disappointing. But I'll certainly persist for now.

      - Mr. Bump


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