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Friday, 10 November 2017

21 Days Locked in the new and very sinister Custom Chastity Saint

The sinister "Saint"
male chastity
I'm on Day 21 of lockup in the sinister Saint device that Custom Chastity sent me to review.

I've had one, one hour break near the start so I could do wearing/not wearing photos. Otherwise it's stayed on continuously, including for showers and running.

And, it looks like I'm stuck until this time next week, at least. Here's why:

Rewind to roughly a week ago...

"I'm really angry," blazes my wife Xena.  "Ten days angry."

She is angry. I managed to scrape our car. This is a genuine punishment.

"What?" I blurt. Ten days means two more weeks, on top of the first two she settled on to review this new device.

This gets me hard but not erect - the device makes its presence felt.  At the same time it really feels like too much time without an orgasm.

"Locked," she says firmly.

 "Yes mistress."

The locked part is new.

A few days previously, when I was making my nightly report I said, "No problems with the new device. It's so wearable it's sinister."
Me being locked makes Xena more casually dominant.

"How do you mean, sinister?" asked Xena.

"It's been a week and a half and it feels like I only just put it on," I said. "With other devices there was always a sense that it would have to be removed sooner or later because of chafing or skin problems. There was a natural limit. This one feels as of there'll never be a practical reason for removing it. Having limits is like standing on a cliff edge. That makes it sinister."

Xena just gives me the thumbs up.

I think it was Thumper who said something like "A 100 dollar piece of crap won't transform your relationship".

He was right of course. However, my experience is that, like other BDSM toys and tools, it will certainly amplify things that are already there.

In our case, Xena has always liked to control the sex in general and my sexuality in particular. The further into chastity we've gone, the more she wants that control, in part, I think, because it also intensifies our dynamic.

However, she's always worried about practical consequences - injury, getting caught, or me limiting my activities to accommodate our shared fetish.

She's also not interested in any kind of fuss around me. For example, she likes having me constrained, but isn't interested in doing the tying up. So, naturally for her, she finds it pleasing to sentence me to periods of chastity, but doesn't want to be any kind of keyholder, fielding requests for unlocking and taking responsibility again and again.

Nothing changed.
Everything changed.
It now appears that it was only the fear of consequences and dislike of fuss that put the brakes on Xena's tendency to keep me locked.

This new, sinister, male chastity device seem to have taken off those brakes. And, me being locked makes Xena more casually dominant, which creates a feedback loop.

So what can I say about the device itself?

It's so very sinister that there isn't much.

Yes, I'm aware of it from time to time, but it feels more like a matter-of-fact well-designed surgical appliance than a bondage toy.

Though I could pull out the back, I wouldn't want to cum that way. I know from previous experience that I'd end up stretching and chafing the skin of my dick such that I'd need a break from the device, which Xena would know about. Though I could cum without pulling out, I also know that the snug fit would make it literally a bruising experience that would probably have me up and down at night peeing, which Xena would notice. So though I am not minded to cheat, I am also aware that it would be a bad idea.

The round, narrow, base ring means I can close my legs and sleep on my side at night. Compared to a grippy collar ring, it's slightly more likely to slip if I overdo the lotion. However, the narrowness ensures everything lies naturally, meaning no issues of comfort or concealment.

The open cage with paper clip end means I'm so well ventilated I even managed to drip dry one night without a hair dryer. There's never any itching, and it's easy to inspect the skin to check everything is OK.

Compared to a tube design, the penis is much more exposed to stimulation. However, that accessibility means that it's easy to realign the head on those rare occasions when it has turtled or squirmed out of position. When I unzip to pee, I'm already properly aligned nine times out of ten.

The two downsides are (i) that the shape of the paperclip head is visible through thin underpants, if you look for it, and (ii) the paperclip can catch on the waistband of underpants if you remove them with too much gusto.

Feels pretty sinister to me.
I've previously managed 23 days in a Custom Chastity device, and though I think I could have gone on indefinitely, you'll see from that blog entry that it was something of an adventure, an experience to be managed. And, looking back, all that management was fatiguing such that it was a relief to unlock at the end, even though I didn't want to.

My experience of the Custom Chastity Saint is quite different. Basically I put it on and wore it. I did sport, work meetings, the pub... all with total confidence.

Nothing changed. Everything changed.

Which feels pretty sinister to me.

(Custom Chastity haven't yet added the "Saint" to their regular shop. However, I'm sure it's coming soon, unlike me. If you want one sooner than that, it's worth emailing them.)

UPDATE: Ended up going 30 days with no showstopping problems.

UPDATE AUGUST 2019: Summer was less kind to the device. The warmer weather made everything swell a little. The gap I'd picked was too tight, and caused chafing in the angle between cock and balls. Also, any kind of turtling now resulted in my cock catching on the underside of the "C" ring, so getting stuck in the barrel, which required manual intervention. Finally, the device wasn't quite like being naked - it still required vigilance to prevent the build up of dry skin, and to stop the "B" ring area getting damp.

The first issue was my fault, and easily resolved. The remaining issues were common to most chastity devices and I thought nothing of them until I devised a fix. I wrote about the resulting custom device here.

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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

How to choose a male chastity device 2: Ball Gripping Chastity Devices

The classic ball-gripping CB2000,
 the first modern chastity device.
There's a reason why the standard format male chastity device is the ball-gripper. They're much more forgiving than the full belt (see first article), and far more practical. A good one, like the device I'm locked into right now, lies naturally and even lets you close your legs.


Male chastity devices generally comprise:

  • A base ring that goes around your genitals.
  • Cage or tube that constrains your dick. It works with the base ring to trap your balls.
  • Some kind of locking mechanism, typically a padlock or cable tie, but increasingly a "magic locker".

Security: A Non-Issue

KHD and Holy Trainer 2 devices:
Tubes, magic locker locking mechanisms
and base rings. 
The obvious issue is security. Without a piercing, you can in pull out the back and get off.

This doesn't negate the device's anti-infidelity properties - imagine trying to explain the cage to a pickup! And you certainly couldn't have sex with it hanging from your balls.  However, most male chastity fans are more focused on preventing masturbation.

This kind of security looms large in the minds of chastity novices - it's what put me off from buying a CB2000 all those years ago. However it's usually a non-issue in a relationship. Here's why:

  • In some mammals the male erection is an expression of dominance. Even if that doesn't apply to humans, having our erection controlled is a very intimate "violation" of self. Thus wearing a chastity device can make us too submissive to simply pull out.
  • Submissives like us find it impossible to lie to our dominants. 
  • Masturbating while wearing the device can chafe, stretch the skin and cause other highly visible problems, some potentially requiring removal of the device.
  • After days or weeks of enjoying plateau sensations, solo masturbation can be climatic and depressing anyway. Doing so with the knowledge that you had erased your submission would be pretty grim.
  • Self esteem.

Self-chastity outside of a relationship is more complex, but similar factors seem to come into play.

So though not technically secure, for most practical purposes a ball-gripper is an effective anti-masturbation device.

A Note on Variations on the Ball Gripping Chastity Device

There are variations on the standard format.

Oxballs stretch to fit device
The Oxballs Cocklock merges all three into a single stretch-to-fit device.

I'm pretty sure this is the start of the mainstreaming of our fetish. However - given the lack of ventilation - it's not really intended for wearing long-term.

Silicone device with
security strap.
Various silicone devices purport to be OK for long-term wear and use a security strap.

I'm not convinced by these, but haven't tried them. I won't be talking about these directly, though some of my remarks may help.

Finally you have tube only devices relying on piercings. The utterly coolest is the permanent(!) titanium chastity device produced by this craftsman.

These obviously work, but I actually "like" not being able to get erect, so again I won't be discussing these directly.

Next Time

Next time I'll talk about the choice of base ring, and how to specify the right "gap".

Learn how to how to walk the same Femdom path with your partner! 

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