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How to choose a male chastity device 2: Ball Gripping Chastity Devices

The classic ball-gripping CB2000,
 the first modern chastity device.
There's a reason why the standard format male chastity device is the ball-gripper. They're much more forgiving than the full belt (see first article), and far more practical. A good one, like the device I'm locked into right now, lies naturally and even lets you close your legs.


Male chastity devices generally comprise:

  • A base ring that goes around your genitals.
  • Cage or tube that constrains your dick. It works with the base ring to trap your balls.
  • Some kind of locking mechanism, typically a padlock or cable tie, but increasingly a "magic locker".

Security: A Non-Issue

KHD and Holy Trainer 2 devices:
Tubes, magic locker locking mechanisms
and base rings. 
The obvious issue is security. Without a piercing, you can in pull out the back and get off.

This doesn't negate the device's anti-infidelity properties - imagine trying to explain the cage to a pickup! And you certainly couldn't have sex with it hanging from your balls.  However, most male chastity fans are more focused on preventing masturbation.

This kind of security looms large in the minds of chastity novices - it's what put me off from buying a CB2000 all those years ago. However it's usually a non-issue in a relationship. Here's why:

  • In some mammals the male erection is an expression of dominance. Even if that doesn't apply to humans, having our erection controlled is a very intimate "violation" of self. Thus wearing a chastity device can make us too submissive to simply pull out.
  • Submissives like us find it impossible to lie to our dominants. 
  • Masturbating while wearing the device can chafe, stretch the skin and cause other highly visible problems, some potentially requiring removal of the device.
  • After days or weeks of enjoying plateau sensations, solo masturbation can be climatic and depressing anyway. Doing so with the knowledge that you had erased your submission would be pretty grim.
  • Self esteem.

Self-chastity outside of a relationship is more complex, but similar factors seem to come into play.

So though not technically secure, for most practical purposes a ball-gripper is an effective anti-masturbation device.

A Note on Variations on the Ball Gripping Chastity Device

There are variations on the standard format.

Oxballs stretch to fit device
The Oxballs Cocklock merges all three into a single stretch-to-fit device.

I'm pretty sure this is the start of the mainstreaming of our fetish. However - given the lack of ventilation - it's not really intended for wearing long-term.

Silicone device with
security strap.
Various silicone devices purport to be OK for long-term wear and use a security strap.

I'm not convinced by these, but haven't tried them. I won't be talking about these directly, though some of my remarks may help.

Finally you have tube only devices relying on piercings. The utterly coolest is the permanent(!) titanium chastity device produced by this craftsman.

These obviously work, but I actually "like" not being able to get erect, so again I won't be discussing these directly.

Next Time

Next time I'll talk about the choice of base ring, and how to specify the right "gap".

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