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Sunday, 25 May 2014

A glimpse of permanent chastity: 113 days without an orgasm!

Permanent chastity is one of my favorite fantasies.

Now, somehow, I've passed the 100 day mark and sailed on into my second orgasm-free hundred days and there's no end it sight. It's no longer about a certain time span. Instead, Xena just likes me chaste.

So though it's not formally permanent chastity, it's certainly indefinite. It's certainly given me an insight into my fantasy.

A month ago, over on the Reddit Permanent Chastity Forum, I responded to a "what's attractive about permanent chastity thread" and "dfwdf" commented:
70 days, wow.
If you still remember at this point, around what day did you start leaking? Did your libido ever reach a level where your willpower broke, but the device held? When did it "peak" for you, and can you describe your mental state now that you've had time to "level back out" again?
First let me say I am not in my device 24/7. It comes off for socializing, running and the gym. However it's chastity not denial because it lasts until Xena releases me. She doesn't deny me on an orgasm-by-orgasm basis, not is my penis ever out for erotic activity.

At this stage it just feels like my life.

It started as something I did as a lead-in to a period of Femdom. Seventeen days in, I reported:
It's been easier than I thought.
Mental adjustment helped me to enjoy the sensual benefits.
Consciously, I let the feelings of lust come and go, acknowledge the hungry tingle in my groin, but don't engage with it (though it seems to give me energy).
Unconsciously... well, after a while - so I've read - your unconscious gets with the program and backs up any specific and practical conscious decisions you've made. Timelocks and anti-pullout systems are pretty decisive, and my unconscious has just given in.
However, what really made it easy was that more than ever before chastity and denial is a real act of submission on my part.
Xena long ago she admitted that she prefers me chaste in bed. Recently, she's also confessed to finding my longer term "plight" amusing and pleasing.
Since she sort of took control over my orgasms, I also detect a certain relish in her intimate power over me. (Not being kinky, I think she expected Sadism to feel different from other emotions, but of course it's not.)
Even without the sensual pleasures and submissive satisfaction, the denial and subsequent chastity has been worthwhile because it provides a foundation for our dynamic. It demonstrates to Xena that I really am serious about this and capable of making myself "suffer" and also ensures that however vanilla our interactions are - since I am time-locked into a chastity cage - I'm always at a disadvantage.
This hasn't really changed. After an initial couple of weeks of twitchiness I just settled into the existence.

  • I'm rewired. If I'm horny I crave going doing on Xena or receiving a beating, both of which make me leak enough to get some release. 
  • There's no peak. However I'm now as responsive as I was as a teenager. Just touching Xena's feet when I massage her gets me hard and drippy.
  • I have no desire to be released (which is a bit scary when I think about it hard, but absolutely true. If it was practical I would find it very hard to refuse to have a device fixed on permanently.)
How is this possible? 

I am a submissive, and it's what Xena wants. I enjoy the plateau sensations anyway. And it's a constant connection to the woman I love.

Learn how to how to walk the same Femdom path with your partner! 


  1. With all due respect, why would you be willing to give up the ability to have an orgasm FOREVER? It is one of the privileges of being an adult! In addition, part of the fun of chastity is looking forward to the next orgasm!

    1. I know, weird isn't it?
      I think some people - me included - like the experience of chastity and aren't interested in release once locked.

    2. oh my god your awesome

  2. When I found your blog entry I wanted to add that I am a pretty ordinary guy and my wife and I began to play with orgasm denial a few years back. Our intimacy seemed to be getting boring, probably because we have been married for a long time. My wife was a hard sell on it but we decided to try and I began to wear a chastity device. When I got used to it I handed over the keys. I think our feelings might be similar to what you expressed as my wife seems to like me locked and denied and I do as well. We are not in a formal WLF but certainly my wife ultimately runs things and gets the last word especially since she holds those keys. I agree that there is something erotic and attractive about me being at a "disadvantage" and feeling some constant level of frustration. I do not want to relate more but I think I understand what you are relating. Our play is consensual and that makes it more erotic but who knows if it is permanent.

    1. Thanks! People like us are far more common than it would seem.

  3. There are probably many men who enjoy chastity. What I also enjoy is that is gives me a chance to give back to my wife. She was always there as a partner and since we both like this arrangement I don't mind being denied, especially considering the other fun and erotic attention I do get and that she gets.

  4. I posted in January of 2017 to add that my wife and I enjoy orgasm denial for me. After more than months I finally got an orgasm. My cb went right back on. We discussed where we might take this, concerns, and what we liked. I guess the general conclusion is that my wife will be experiencing many orgasms in the future, while I will be experiencing fewer orgasms. Perhaps prostate milking might be something we will also look into at some point. If we did it I really wonder if I would get any more orgasms at all.

    1. Funny isn't it? For some couples, chastity is a perfect storm.

      (So sorry I missed this one earlier. The blog holds anonymous comments for moderation.)

  5. I enjoy the "perfect storm" description. It is an interesting choice of words. Since chastity play is consensual and we both enjoy it, we will continue. My wife has concerns about denying me endlessly or milking that I won't relate here, so we're going to try to move ahead with me mostly getting an occasional ruined orgasms enforced with wearing the cb. She's the boss in this area. I will have plenty of frustration and feelings of being at a "disadvantage" to look forward to.

  6. Giles
    My wife and I still enjoy orgasm denial. And it does make me act more submissive. I finally got a ruined orgasm after months of being denied, though it was more to a full orgasm. I got the welcomed news that an orgasm was going to be allowed last weekend, and i was told about it before we went to a birthday party. For me, it was a party that seemed to go on forever. My wife drove the car home; I was thankful because I was thinking about other things obviously. But when we got home it was early and there were some tasks for me to do followed by a long teasing session and lots of kisses from my wife (lol). She warned me about waiting until she said it was ok to orgasm and I was so frustrated I begged and pleaded until the moment arrived. What a great nights sleep too. Of course i did feel her hairbrush in the morning because I rushed her to leave the party. That's doesn't happen very often. Life is good.

    1. Giles
      You are welcome. My wife is exerting more control now but we are both happy. She’s told me it’s time for a haircut and make sure I “go this week. Not too long.” And she’s decided to drive more when we go places together. “Yes Dear” was my response.

    2. It's interesting that kink isn't really kink - that once power is real and permitted, people often just roll with it.

    3. I agree Giles. A power exchange is an interesting thing to be a part of, which seems more fun and naughty to us because nobody in the way of family members or friends have a clue. My wife taking over more of the driving makes me feel submissive. Also being told to get a short haircut was a surprise because she always liked me to wear a bit longer hair. That made submissive feelings come to the surface.

    4. There is a PS to this. My wife asked me today if I liked a shorter haircut. It is much shorter than usual. I told her “yes dear.” She smiled and said i was lucky that I hadn’t complained. If I had she said my next haircut might have been a “radical” one. It does make me wonder if I might be eventually told to get a close shave.

  7. Giles
    My wife and I talked a little yesterday after work. She is not hardcore. In fact, she began this whole dynamic with me initially to increase passion. I told her I felt getting my head shaved is definitely a radical and erotic thing. She said since I do not have a corporate job image to consider she was actually thinking about it but also thought it was mean and will not compel me to do it (she’s already stingy with me getting orgams, but thats more of an agreement between us at this point and does not come from being mean). But she still might ask and it would be my decision ultimately. When I get to the point where I need another haircut, then is when she might make the request And I will surprise her one way or the other. I imagine she would be shocked if I got shaved.

  8. Giles,
    I admitted to my wife that I was thinking of getting my head shaved both to please and surprise her and to satisfy an urge I’ve had. She was surprised and said that since the weather is cold in our part of the country I will wait for warmer weather in the spring.Then the barber can do the job. My wife may go to “enjoy” the shave, but there may not be much to report until then. I think my wife is getting what she wants.


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