Saturday, 3 May 2014

Holy Trainer 2 Review: 42nd night in the Swiss bioresin chastity device

The chastity, the denial (the beating tonight)
-- all Xena's idea. I guess she's not very
vanilla anymore...
Tonight will be my 42nd night in the Holy Trainer 2 chastity device!

That's two stints of 21 nights each with a three day gap in the middle.

During this time, I haven't been wearing 24/7 - I'm just not comfortable with taking part in sport or hanging out with friends while wearing. However, I have worn the Holy Trainer during the day unless socializing or attending meetings and interviews.

Psychologically, it's be interesting. Since this is pretty much Xena's idea, instead of feeling like a guilty pleasure, locking up morning and night has become routine, and wearing a pleasant duty.

Physically, I have a constant background tingling in my penis and a certain weight in my balls. That's also from over 90 days of denial, again Xena's idea.

Beyond that, there's nothing to report. No discomfort, no chafing, no sore spots, no burning sensations. The Holy Trainer 2 remains diabolically comfortable.

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