Thursday, 23 April 2015

Sunday Night Whipping: #2 Xena gags me with a dildo and beats me some more...

Now she has her stockinged feet resting on my
smarting back, and she's using the vibrator

(Read part 1)
So I'm bound across the foot of the bed. Xena's just given me a painful whipping. Now she has her stockinged feet resting on my smarting back, and she's using the vibrator.

Under our FLR rules, if she masturbates in the same room, my own Orgasm Day gets deferred to the next available day. So, since Monday is my one window next week, just by switching on the vibrator she's condemned me to wait until a week Monday. Looking will shift it to Tuesday.

The fantasy is exciting, but the reality is grim enough that I lie there staring at her discarded brogues. I really need to come right now, not the week after next, and certainly not halfway through that week.

The vibrator buzzes wetly. My back and buttocks throb. A ripple goes through my chastity cage.

Damn it! I can't not look.

...the shaft glistens.
Your life could be like this!
I crane my neck around so I can just see over my shoulder. Stockingtops frame bare thighs, and between those soft white expanses of flesh flourishes her pubic bush. She has the vibrator burrowing between her lips. Every time she shifts it, the shaft glistens.

Each stroke makes me writhe and suck on
the vibrator. I want it to end, but at the same
time I'm wallowing in her raw power over me. 

Make this happen in your marriage!
I whimper and stare until the strain makes me look away. The buzzing continues and, despite my arms aching, I twist again and watch until my wife sighs and swings off the bed. I watch her stockinged legs as she paces over to where the whips lie draped on a stool.

This isn't a scene. It's not pre-negotiated. Xena is doing what pleases her. Sometimes I get what I want. Sometimes it's a let down. It's the only terms on which she'll do Femdom. It's also dreadfully exciting. Will she beat me now and end the session? Will she save the remaining strokes for later?

"Would you like to lick?" she asks.

My cock lurches. I haven't licked her pussy for months. "Yes," I gasp. I raise my hands as far as my bonds will let me -- just velcro, but to release myself would be unthinkable. "But I appear to be --"

"Good." Xena bends over and pushes the vibrator into my mouth.
"What's the blue dildo for?"
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She's never done this before!

I suck wildly, more turned on by the juices than sucking on a dildo-shaped vibrator.

"We'll use that as a gag," says Xena, and begins to whip me.

Each stroke makes me writhe and suck on the vibrator. I want it to end, but at the same time I'm wallowing in her raw power over me.

Finally she finishes. "Release yourself and go kneel in the corner."

Dripping from my chastity device I limp over to kneel in the corner. Xena picks up her kindle, sighs happily and starts to read.

"Which end goes in me?"
This could be your wife!
So much for aftercare!

But then the beating didn't scratch an itch, making me revert to normal. I still feel submissive and I'm happy to kneel in my own space thinking about all that just happened, staring at Xena's gorgeous legs in their warm woolen stockings. Just not our dynamic.

After a while, she tells me to clear up. As I unclip my fetters from the bed, she points at the sex toys where they are laid out on a chair, "What's the blue dildo for?"

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My heart leaps. She means the Feeldoe. "That one's a strapless double-headed dildo."

"Oh? I don't understand. Which end goes in me?"

My mouth goes a little dry. "The bulbous end. It's supposed to give you a penis so you can penetrate me."

"Hmmm," says Xena. "Not sure that's my thing."

"I... er... wouldn't you like to know what you look like with a penis?" I ask. "It's a big fantasy for me so it would be particularly tormenting for me to see you wearing it..."

Xena smiles. "Oh, OK."

Dazedly I pace over to the sex toys. As I pick up the double-headed dildo I remember the clause in our contract, "Spontaneous or unlicensed ejaculation, 5 weeks plus 40 demerits."

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

A prediction: Why the Oxballs male chastity device will make male chastity mainstream

An even bigger game changer than the
Suspicion confirmed.

According to Ruffled Sheets, the Oxballs Atomic Jock Cock-Lock does what it says it does. It's a stretch-to-fit lock-free male chastity device. It's comfortable. You can even pee in it.

However, you can't get erect in it.

I think that this will be an even bigger game changer than the CB2000.

The good old CB2000 and the range it spawned took male chastity out of fetish and turned them into a couple toy. Read their web copy;  It's all about the battle of the sexes, or being together, or putting the spark back. And, it's usually a CB-x that makes it into the mainstream media.

...there are still BDSM overtones
to the functionality
The downside is that the CB-x range is still inherently about power exchange. There's a key. The logic is that she should have it. If she doesn't want it, then there's a palaver about what to do with it.

Also, hard plastic, locks... all seems a bit harsh. If it doesn't fit the BDSM aesthetic, there are still BDSM overtones to the design.

Enter the Cock-Lock.

It's soft, sensual. It sits well next to the dildo and the vibrator. There's no lock, no power exchange... just no erect penis.

It's a mainstream sex toy.

And it's cheap.

Taken together, this makes the device a game changer. Here's why: 75% of all women can't reach orgasm by penetration alone. It follows that, if a woman is at all ambivalent about penis-in-vagina sex, then there's not much motivation for her to do it.

And, young women as a group are notoriously ambivalent about the whole penetration thing.
The [UK] survey's findings show that one in five young men and almost half of young women between the ages of 16 and 24 surveyed wished they had waited longer to start having sex. (source)
You'd think improved sex education would encourage people to have sex. However Dutch teenagers have sex later than their counterparts.

Somebody's briefs -- or jeans! -- stay on, either his or hers
Educated college girls can be more liberated, however I suspect that issues with gender politics, increased introspection, plus  assertiveness -- "I'm not sure I'm ready for this" --  don't make them any more willing to have penetrative sex than their mainstream counterparts. Sure more of them are orgasmic than before, but that's solo via clitoral stimulation.

Back in the day, I had girlfriends who kept their knickers on, or only allowed me to strip to my boxers.

I also remember a girl who made her boyfriend wear Speedos in bed.

Judging from what young men post to forums, I don't think things have changed much. The questions young men post online seem to back this up. Somebody's briefs -- or jeans! -- stay on, either his or hers, usually hers these days by the look of it (though I bet the boys who manage to strip their girls complain less online).

Now enter the Cock-Lock. It even looks like a condom. Sooner or later it's going to escape into the wild:
And all because of a cheap bit
of thermoplastic.
"Wear this so I feel safe/to show me you're serious about respecting me."
"You want to get her jeans off, bro? Get a cock lock."
The nice thing about this approach is that, unlike Red Pill tricks, it's honest and trust-building, just an extension of, "If I keep on my jeans will you take off yours?"

Even if it doesn't go viral on its own, all it takes is one teen sex comedy. Suddenly bedroom chastity is mainstream.

Now, imagine a world where a lot of  young people have their first erotic experiences using a male chastity device.

Some 47% of women fantasize about dominating their partner. Though the Cock-Lock looks innocent, or at least merely naughty, it still puts the aroused male in a weak position, reducing him to a cum-dripping weakling before the erotic awesomeness of his goddess-like girlfriend. To me this looks like an easy, early way into Femdom, turning potential dominatrices into the fully fledged own-pleasure-seeking empowered real thing.

And all because of a cheap bit of thermoplastic.

EDIT: And now there's another soft cage:

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Monday, 20 April 2015

Growing up kinky - an old memory helps me own my submission

She wasn't there.
The slave girl wasn't there.

Not so long ago, we were in a grand old house in the North of England, winding up the staircase, and I had a sudden sense of expectation. There would be this statue of a chained slave girl.

All I found was an empty niche and a note saying she was off on loan to an art gallery.

But the memories were there and they blew away the last vestige of my "submission is just a sweet spot" narrative:
Domination and submission is one of several sweet spots in a relationship. At this moment, I feel more comfortable as a submissive.
This is really just a variation on the story I used to tell myself and lovers:
As a kid, a gymnastics class taught me the sensual joy of stretching and straining my muscles. For this reason I was drawn to non-sexual bondage fantasies and tying up games. As sexuality dawned, I wove sex into the fantasies. Submission just provided a pretext, a scenario.
In a nutshell, I had convinced myself I was just a "bottom" with vivid fantasies. I suspect an awful lot of men do this. Bottoms are heroic, licentious, rakish in their search for transgressive pleasure. Subs are... well, we don't look exactly macho, do we?

But the missing slave girl told me neither of these are true.

Staring at the empty niche, I remembered back more than a couple of decades to visiting the place on the edge of my adolescence, and being mesmerized by the slave girl.

I was surrounded by naked bronze, at least half of it
slinkily female.
She was, of course, supposed to be about the horrors of slavery. However my father remarked, cynically, that some people got excited by such a thing -- and that was the first time I was made aware that other people might be kinky. (He sounded slightly contemptuous of kinky people, which was probably not helpful in the long run.)

At the time, I was guiltily aware only of erotic curiosity, of wanting to slip a hand up those tempting thighs and see whether she was anatomically correct behind the wispy kilt.

However, walking up the imposing stair some three and a half decades later, I discovered I was surrounded by naked bronze, at least half of it slinkily female.

Whatever the pubescent me thought was my motivation, my real interest in the chained Slave Girl can only have been that she was a slave girl and I have a sense that I vaguely wanted to be her.

I was always -- in my imagination
 -- the victim
Yes, she was chained, but those are not chains you could strain against. Nor do they easily fit some bondage fantasy. They are there because she is a slave.

So even at that age, I was more interested in the dynamic than in the bondage.

So much for being a bottom.

This was also well before the confusions and knock backs of early dating could have given me the idea that submitting might be a sweet spot if only I could find it. So I can't pretend that my interest in the dynamic was a response to experience.

So much for the sweetspot excuse.

As Xena drove us south, that evening, I revisited the memories on which I built just a bottom and sweetspot.

I was one of those kids who was always interested in bondage and restraint, in dungeons and tying up games and damsels in distress and the martyr stories they fed us at school. I was always -- in my imagination -- the victim.

I was also intrigued by
tales of slavery
However, I was also intrigued by tales of slavery. For example, weird thoughts about being a mine slave agitated my imaginings when I was supposed to be sleeping.

I even once got a friend to tape me into a robot costume -- a confection of cardboard boxes --  and then guiltily, angrily, getting rid of the thing. It made me feel vaguely dirty.

That leads to the memory of always guiltily being aware that this was a dark fascination. In hindsight it was definitely tied to my awakening sexuality. For example, felt very agitated about a SciFi inspired game I planned in which the neighborhood girls would chase boys and then tag them with stapled-shut cardboard fetters, and then recoiled from that agitation and let the idea drop.

Then, in very early teenage, there was a visit to a castle dungeon, and a there was a girl my age who loudly gloated over all the torture apparatus.

I remember a panicky sense of loss that I had no way of talking to her, let alone striking up any sort of relationship. Here was the only girl in the universe who seemed to think my way and I was too young to do anything about it. Talk about bad timing!

Here was the only girl in the universe who
seemed to think my way
I'm not sure what I thought I'd do with that relationship even if I could have it. However, had she lived on my street, perhaps I would be with her still.

So looking back, I can see now that my fantasies, pre-sexual but sensual, then sexual, were always submissive ones rather than merely bondage-orientated, and always tending to boy-girl scenarios.

I'm just glad I ended up with Xena
I can also see that none of my submissive urges came out in the rest of my life. I was often the kid who organised the others into games, was no more obedient to adults than my peers, and didn't in anyway feel drawn to caring or serving professions.

It seems to me now that I have always been a sexual submissive, the way gay people will often tell you that they were always gay.

I still think Femdom and particularly male chastity is a sweetspot. However, this really is my sexuality, and it's so ingrained, I wonder whether it might be better described as an orientation.

So there I was growing up kinky without even a word to describe it, carrying with me a terrible secret while trying to be normal. I'm just glad I ended up with Xena.

I don't think that growing up sub and dom will ever become socially acceptable or even politically correct the way LGBTQ has. I doubt even the most liberal high schools will include BDSM in their sex education, or that fellow pupils will ever rally around a teen who "comes out" as a submissive!

However, young kinksters do at least have the internet:
Hi, I’m 18, just turned in April, but I’m interested in being a submissive. I’ve been curious about it since I was fifteen, but really started wanting to experiment this year.
Go read the full question and lunaKM's response
Meanwhile, I'm left with a question.

If this is so primal, so ingrained in my personality from such an early age, where does it come from? It's one thing to suspect humans have a D&S mode. Another thing to be born with it pre-triggered.

EDIT: Interesting Reddit thread that throws context on this. I'm certainly not the only one...
And another thread here: Earliest memories that hint at your tendency towards BDSM sexuality?

And another one: What's the etiology of your interest in Femdom?

And another: When did you realize you were into BDSM?

And another with a nice opening post from a Gay submissive: Where does kink come from?

And another from a dom: Found the porn I jerked off to during my adolescence at my parents' house this weekend...

And another.. How did you discover your first kink?

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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Consent in Roma: The Vanilla Dominatrix and Consent Culture

....the Vanilla Dominatrix isn't
interested in consent.
ShinyDiscard on Reddit remarked:
I've read previous articles from you but I find it hard to distinguish the consent in some of your writings.
I promised a follow up article, and this is it. 

(The tldr is; (a) All my consent is by necessity up front. (b) I don't mind putting up with bad things to get to the good things. (c) I'm a submissive, so the fact of putting up with bad things turns me on. (d) I have hard limits, but we never go anywhere near them.)

I don't talk a lot about consent because the Vanilla Dominatrix* isn't interested in consent.
*Generalizing here, your mileage may vary.

I mean, yes, she needs your consent. She's doesn't want to be evil for real, and the fact you consent is what gives her permission to explore being selfish and in charge.

However, she's vanilla -- doesn't identify as kinky -- and therefore has no motivation to make any mental effort in the erotic sphere where she would usually expect to relax.

Put her in charge? Fine.

Ask her to have long discussions about specifics, get affirmative consent for each and every action, or check in with you throughout whatever it is you get up to? Why should she bother?

She's not interested in the BDSM subculture, and therefore not interested in engaging with the complexities of Consent with a capital "C". This was all your idea after all!

This is less of a problem than it sounds. Let's back up a little bit. Why is consent so important in BDSM?

Monday, 13 April 2015

Sunday Night Whipping: #1 Xena in retro stockings gives me a painful whipping and more...

...suddenly she's this alien creature, this
ghost from the flapper erotica I love.

Learn how to get your wife involved 
in your wildest dreams! 
Why do I do it? Let Xena control my orgasm? Follow her orders 24/7?

Sunday night and I'm kneeling in chains waiting for Xena. I'm naked except for my Holy Trainer 2 chastity device and a sturdy iron collar that tethers me to the radiator.

I have on-site contract work this week, so the weekend was all about spring cleaning.

No sport or socializing, so I wore my Holy Trainer except to shower -- which was pleasant, actually.

Xena took control of the demerit counter and but the demerits mounted up, not just for undusted surfaces, but for things that would once have broken her mood and ejected us from Femdom world: I broke a precious champagne glass, 3 demerits. I got grumpy over her standards, 2 demerits.

This was Xena in charge.
Learn how to take charge of 
your husband! 
This was Xena in charge.

Now, at the end of 24 hours toil, with 30 demerits outstanding, I wait for my wife to come to the bedroom. I don't expect much, frankly. We've had a dry spell this year, so the best I'm hoping for is that she'll wear something sexy while she beat me.

At last I hear her tread on the stairs. She wanders into the bedroom, potters arranging ornaments, fiddles with her mobile phone, searches out some receipts...

All the while I'm kneeling in the corner, feeling time pass, powerless, and starting to hate her. What's next? A bored flogging and sleep?

...the weekend was all
about spring cleaning.

This could be you! Learn how!
Finally she sits on the bed opposite me, peers at the demerit counter. "Well now Giles. Thirty demerits." There's a glint in her eye. "How many slave points have you got?"

I lick my lips. "About half a dozen."

She smiles. "What would you like me to wear?"

"Stockings," I managed. "And that nice dress with the animal print."

She strides over to the wardrobe and strips down to her underwear.

I feast my eyes on her honeyed skin. The gulf between us -- her an elegant woman in her bedroom, me a chaste slave in an iron collar... it's like watching a stranger. My cock rears up against its prison.

She turns and throws me my key. "You might as well help...!"

I fumble with the key, get the padlock unlocked. "Shall I lose the collar, mistress?"

"No," she says casually. "Leave it on. Now hurry up."

I scurry around the bed and there she is all bare flesh and undies.

She hands me a stocking and stretches a long muscular leg. "Put it on."

These are warm woolen stockings, soft and cozy, not like my hard iron dungeon collar. I roll on the first, then the second, smoothing the wool over her curves, and suddenly she's this alien creature, this ghost from the flapper erotica I love.

She pulls on the dress then smiles down on me. "What do you think?"

I whimper, but I have slave points to spend. "I don't think panties are part of the costume."

Xena giggles -- so much like a flapper my cock twitches in its prison -- "They might come off later. Now help me on with my shoes." High-heeled brogues, more period style. At last she snatches up the riding whip and becomes... commanding.  "Now secure yourself."

I don't enjoy the whipping.
What a shame!
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in your marriage.
It takes me just a couple of minutes. Velcro cuffs on wrist and ankle. Then clip chains to attachment points on the bed frame. In no time, I'm chained across the foot of the bed.


I squeal and buck against my restraints.

"One..." counts Xena.

I don't enjoy the whipping.

In erotica, whippings often look sexy, sensual, as if those welts were drawn on with red lipstick. And you'd expect the pain to blur into a sexy haze.

But, even with my cock hard in its device, each blow hurts, there's no blurring, just squirming and yelping.

No I don't enjoy this, but I could no more tell her to stop or twist free of the cuffs than I could -- say -- stand up at a business meeting and explain that my wife keeps me in chastity. It's just not in the lexicon.

But this helplessness, that is a turn on just to contemplate now as I type this. I like living in fear of the lash, love the way this helplessness makes my slavery real.

And the beating is cathartic for both of us. Xena works off all the niggles, irritations, dissatisfaction and I take my punishment gladly; being whipped is better than being nagged or moaned at, and I genuinely do better as a husband and housekeeper with this threat over my head.

And Xena reaches ten.

She is my perfect flapper.
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She yawns and rolls onto the bed, still wearing her shoes -- they're new, so this is OK. She rests her heels on my smarting back and starts to read.

I twist to look over my shoulder. She has her knees bent. Her leopard pattern dress furls around her thighs, revealing her stocking tops above woolen clad curves. She is my perfect flapper.

Now the pain does blur with the lust. I squirm futilely. Even if my hands were free, there is a tube locked around my hard cock. This is an itch I cannot scratch.

"Help me out of my shoes," says Xena. She stretches a long leg so I can reach her laces and free her feet of first one then the next shoes. The brogues fall to the floor where I can stare at them, enjoying the way the tight feminine curve of the instep contrasts with the blocky heels.

Something prickles my spine. I flinch.

Xena giggles. "What's that?"

"Um." I genuinely don't know. Has she bought some new punishment instrument? A pinwheel perhaps.

Buy the how-to book right now!
She giggles again. "A vibrator, silly." She rolls back, puts her wool-clad heels on my back and I hear the device buzz.

I do a mental calculation. I'm in an office Tuesday to next Monday. Tomorrow is my only window to masturbate for a week! 

The vibrator buzzes and slurps. My groin ripples in sympathy. I might just come spontaneously, and THAT would be a disaster. Otherwise, if I don't watch and she comes, my own orgasm still defers to a week Tuesday! If I do watch...

"Oh God," I blurt. "If I look then I have to wait a week and a half to come."

Xena emits a sensual sigh. "Don't look then."

I strain against my bonds and look over my shoulder...

Keep an eye out for the next installment. I make no promises. Typing this out while hopelessly chaste is exquisite torment! In the mean time, you might like this episode that happened to us last year.

UPDATE: And here's the next installment of our Femdom adventure.

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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Our Female Led Relationship Contract line by line

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As promised, here's a line by line explanation of our Female Led Relationship contract. I read it out to Xena as she did her yoga. She was a bit "Oh god do we have to do it right now" at first, but as I read got into it.

The comments are going to make the format ugly, so I'll put in a read more break.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Our updated Female Led Relationship Contract

I'll post this here for reference, then go through it with comments in another entry.
This contract reflects our evolving dynamic. The rules create effects that please Xena, but Giles is responsible for keeping track of them.

Our Female Led Relationship (FLR) remains in effect between milestones.
The next milestones are September 2015 and September 2016, unless Xena judges that financial or work circumstances have changed.

Except in exceptional circumstances, we will solve any issues within the framework of the FLR. However, Xena may suspend elements for practical reasons.

On reaching a milestone, Xena and Giles will decide together whether and how to continue.

Core Female Led Relationship

Xena is the naturally dominant partner.
We are both happy with this.

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Xena is the naturally dominant partner. We are both happy with this.

We will treat the FLR as real, indivisible, and routine, accepting any inconveniences as inevitable. Giles accepts that he will suffer mental and physical distress. In return, Xena will not reference that this is what he signed up for.

Xena controls all matters domestic and intimate with powers of discipline and reward. She can extend this as she sees fit. However, Giles will share the responsibilities of adult life.

Giles will serve honestly. Xena acknowledges that this high level of personal service is only available to her through the FLR and will try to praise, rather than thank. (Positive statements about having a slave are particularly effective.)

The FLR is a secret. Giles may only discuss it with those friends who already know about his blog, unless otherwise instructed by Xena. Giles will avoid over-sharing with Xena, but may blog about his adventures.


Slave Mode... a semi-mute slave,
attending on her until dismissed.
Dare to try being a part-time slave!
Giles will range from normal but compliant husband through to semi-mute slave when he will call Xena "Mistress”. He will try to anticipate Xena’s mood, however she will also tell him what she wants.

Xena can also trigger two modes:
  • Slave Mode (triggered by any command to silence), when Giles acts as a semi-mute slave, attending on her until dismissed. This mode normally continues until Xena orders him back to normal, or until she falls asleep. However, she can specify a duration of hours or days.
  • Sabbatical Mode, when Giles is subject to more intense management, e.g. during spring cleaning. This typically lasts several days. During this time, Giles's social activities are suspended and Orgasm Days deferred, but penalties still accrue (see below)

Power and Responsibility

Xena will suit herself, with
no obligation to be fair or realistic.
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Xena will suit herself, with no obligation to be fair or realistic. Sometimes she will do things for Giles's own good. Giles will obey to the best of his ability, using his initiative to provide help and advice as appropriate. In return, Xena will take ownership of the FLR, give clear instruction and administer discipline regularly.

Giles will continue to honestly stick to the chastity rules. Xena will periodically question him about his compliance, typically before punishment.

When he has measurable professional (e.g. word count) or personal objectives (e.g. weight loss), Giles will report these to negotiate targets and penalties.

Xena may set long-term targets or tasks.

In addition to the demerit system, near the start of each month, Xena will hold a brief review, dealing with any issues in Giles's performance, checking up on his chastity, tasks and targets, and rewarding and/or punishing him accordingly. Giles will remind her.

Bedtime Ritual

He will kneel patiently
in the corner..
This could be you!
At bedtime, Giles will be clean, clean-shaven, chaste, and ready for bed. He will kneel patiently in the corner until Xena orders him otherwise, returning there between tasks.

If Xena falls asleep while Giles is kneeling, he may come to bed after a decent interval, unless erotic activity or punishment has taken place, in which case he may change position but must otherwise remain in the corner to sleep, unless it is too cold.

Domestic Matters

Giles will do the... housekeeping.
Find out how to do this for real.
Giles will do the bulk of the housekeeping to as high a standard as possible, consistent with professional commitments.

In particular, Giles will finish those jobs he starts, maintain the bathrooms to a visitor-ready standard and keep the refrigerator etc stocked.

Giles is responsible for maintenance of all sex toys.

Discipline, Punishment and Rewards

Xena may discipline Giles
as she
sees fit.
Wouldn't you like a slice of this?
Xena may discipline Giles as she sees fit, consistent with the spirit of the mistress-slave relationship.

Xena may assign demerits for any reason and later apply one stroke per demerit. The whipping will be merciless; it will hurt and be a genuine deterrent. Giles will usually be restrained for this. There is no safeword. However, Xena will take seriously any safety feedback.

We will both treat the discipline system as real. Xena will administer whippings as regularly as practical. Giles may remind her.

Xena may also grant Slave Points. These do not cancel out demerits. However, Giles may petition to trade these for perks, for example Xena wearing stockings during punishment.

Xena may also:
  • Defer Orgasm Days pending completion of a specific project to her satisfaction. Penalties still accrue during this time. 
  • Institute "lockdown" where Giles maximizes time spent chaste and does not remove the device for his Orgasm Days.

Intimate Matters and Orgasm Control

Giles must wear a chastity device.
Find out how to share my fate!
Giles may not initiate erotic intimacy, but may remind Xena to set aside intimate time.

Xena has control over Giles’s orgasms but will not normally be present when they happen.

Giles must wear a chastity device when on his own and at night. If the chastity device breaks, he will wear the backup in lockdown (see above) to avoid wearing it out, until a replacement is arranged.

Unfortunately, things that sexually excite Giles defer his orgasm by days or weeks (see below). This ensures that the chastity is in sync with the intensity of the erotic relationship. Xena likes this system, but Giles is responsible for managing it.

Giles's Orgasm Days

By default, Giles has an Orgasm Day on Xena's) first working day of the week. This is usually the only time he may masturbate and he is permitted to remove his device for this.

Working days do not include weekends or holidays. With Xena's permission, unused Orgasm Days shift to the next available working day.

Orgasm Days and Penalties

Each of Xena’s orgasms sets back the next Orgasm Day.
Each of Xena’s orgasms sets back Giles's next Orgasm Day. The penalties are in working days per orgasm Mon-Fri penalty in brackets) :
  • She masturbates with him out of the room – 0.5 day (1 day).
  • She masturbates while he kneels or otherwise in the room – 1 day (2 days)
  • She masturbates while he watches with a clear view – 2 days (4 days)
  • He helps to bring her to orgasm – 3 days (6 days)
  • He brings her to orgasm using a strap-on dildo – 4 days (8 days).
  • He brings her to orgasm through PIV - 5 days (10 days).
Other circumstances in which penalties can be earned:
  • If Giles applies emotional pressure in response to Xena's orgasm choices, - 5 days (10 days) plus 40 demerits. This does not preclude him whimpering briefly as an erotic response, for which she can apply demerits.
  • On Xena's whim.
  • As the price of being involved in some erotic act. 

Orgasms with Xena

During erotic time, Giles remains chaste except for the unlikely event of PIV sex. Xena may grant Giles a chaste orgasm as long as she is supervising, i.e. at minimum holding his leash chain. She can curtail his efforts on whim.

The penalties go up in weeks (i.e. 5 days) and are as follows:
  • Solo by self-penetration (if he can do it), no penalty. 
  • Solo by vibrator, 1 week. 
  • Orgasm administered or devised by Xena, 1 - 5 weeks (Giles may hold back). 
  • Spontaneous or unlicensed ejaculation, 5 weeks plus 40 demerits. 
If it amuses her, Xena may set up beatings using butt plugs and other devices to encourage an unlicensed ejaculation. Giles will advise honestly on this.

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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My year of chastity and orgasm control

Mostly, that means the Holy Trainer 2...
It's easier than you think to ask for chastity.
I've now worn a chastity device regularly for over a year! Mostly, that means the Holy Trainer 2 and wearing every night and most days. At present, Xena permits me a weekly orgasm, though her orgasms defer mine. However, it all started with a marathon 152 days of no orgasm! (Here's my report after 113 days of chastity).

Physically, the main effect is that my balls ache when I'm not wearing my chastity device.

I'm told this is quite common. It can't be to do with unspent semen, because this happens even after I've had an orgasm. And it can't be to do with bruising, because it goes away as soon as the device goes on.

The chastity marathon was surprisingly easy after the first few weeks.
Find out how your life could be like this!
My best guess is that the base ring slightly restricts the blood flow to the testes. Your body either gets used to it, or compensates by increasing the pressure. Without the base ring you then get more pressure than you are used to, and it feels like bruising.

The easiest response is to remove the device less often, meaning that male chastity devices are physically addictive -- quite a turn on!

The chastity marathon was surprisingly easy after the first few weeks. The weekly orgasm routine, however, has me feeling horny and on edge on Sunday night. If my orgasm is deferred -- like this week -- then my body really feels the need.

 ...some of our adventures have been
 positively pornographic
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Mentally... well I've gotten used to this thing as a fixture.

I don't have much desire to unlock, and pullout is just not in my lexicon of behavior. I rather like the waves of pent up lust, and -- since my satisfaction is out of the picture -- any sensual interaction with Xena is an immense turn on. Just massaging her feet and legs every night is compensation for not being able to masturbate or have sex.

Sex is still off the cards. However, we were pretty much in a dead bedroom, with penis in vagina action being more of a gift from her than anything else, leaving me feeling slightly disappointed each time. I don't miss that disappointment, and missing the feel of my wife's vagina is -- in a masochistic way -- a turn on. Meanwhile, some of our adventures have been positively pornographic -- a fair trade, I think.

Emotionally, I am happier. I'm sure this is partly because orgasm rationing does odd things to the hormones and brain chemistry! Wearing the device also makes me feel like myself, but I want to talk about a year of being in a Female Led Relationship in another blog entry.

Relationship-wise, as I said, the device underpins our FLR. However there's an interesting vanilla effect. I used to use my intense BDSM masturbation fantasies to escape the issues in my life, and in imagining other relationships and other lives, I was perhaps slowly disengaging emotionally both from Xena and the real world. The odd healing thing, then, about wearing a chastity device is that it's shifted my focus back to my marriage. This is one of those experiences which makes me suspect that male chastity will go mainstream one day.

Would I recommend this to somebody else? I don't know. It's something you have to not just want, fantasize over, but need. It has to feel right, more right than the alternative.

Don't resign yourself to just getting off on other people's adventures! When we started out, my wife was vanilla. Use my manuals to help you walk the same Femdom path! There's one for him, and one for her