Thursday, 23 April 2015

Sunday Night Whipping: #2 Xena gags me with a dildo and beats me some more...

Now she has her stockinged feet resting on my
smarting back, and she's using the vibrator

(Read part 1)
So I'm bound across the foot of the bed. Xena's just given me a painful whipping. Now she has her stockinged feet resting on my smarting back, and she's using the vibrator.

Under our FLR rules, if she masturbates in the same room, my own Orgasm Day gets deferred to the next available day. So, since Monday is my one window next week, just by switching on the vibrator she's condemned me to wait until a week Monday. Looking will shift it to Tuesday.

The fantasy is exciting, but the reality is grim enough that I lie there staring at her discarded brogues. I really need to come right now, not the week after next, and certainly not halfway through that week.

The vibrator buzzes wetly. My back and buttocks throb. A ripple goes through my chastity cage.

Damn it! I can't not look.

...the shaft glistens.
Your life could be like this!
I crane my neck around so I can just see over my shoulder. Stockingtops frame bare thighs, and between those soft white expanses of flesh flourishes her pubic bush. She has the vibrator burrowing between her lips. Every time she shifts it, the shaft glistens.

Each stroke makes me writhe and suck on
the vibrator. I want it to end, but at the same
time I'm wallowing in her raw power over me. 

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I whimper and stare until the strain makes me look away. The buzzing continues and, despite my arms aching, I twist again and watch until my wife sighs and swings off the bed. I watch her stockinged legs as she paces over to where the whips lie draped on a stool.

This isn't a scene. It's not pre-negotiated. Xena is doing what pleases her. Sometimes I get what I want. Sometimes it's a let down. It's the only terms on which she'll do Femdom. It's also dreadfully exciting. Will she beat me now and end the session? Will she save the remaining strokes for later?

"Would you like to lick?" she asks.

My cock lurches. I haven't licked her pussy for months. "Yes," I gasp. I raise my hands as far as my bonds will let me -- just velcro, but to release myself would be unthinkable. "But I appear to be --"

"Good." Xena bends over and pushes the vibrator into my mouth.
"What's the blue dildo for?"
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She's never done this before!

I suck wildly, more turned on by the juices than sucking on a dildo-shaped vibrator.

"We'll use that as a gag," says Xena, and begins to whip me.

Each stroke makes me writhe and suck on the vibrator. I want it to end, but at the same time I'm wallowing in her raw power over me.

Finally she finishes. "Release yourself and go kneel in the corner."

Dripping from my chastity device I limp over to kneel in the corner. Xena picks up her kindle, sighs happily and starts to read.

"Which end goes in me?"
This could be your wife!
So much for aftercare!

But then the beating didn't scratch an itch, making me revert to normal. I still feel submissive and I'm happy to kneel in my own space thinking about all that just happened, staring at Xena's gorgeous legs in their warm woolen stockings. Just not our dynamic.

After a while, she tells me to clear up. As I unclip my fetters from the bed, she points at the sex toys where they are laid out on a chair, "What's the blue dildo for?"

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My heart leaps. She means the Feeldoe. "That one's a strapless double-headed dildo."

"Oh? I don't understand. Which end goes in me?"

My mouth goes a little dry. "The bulbous end. It's supposed to give you a penis so you can penetrate me."

"Hmmm," says Xena. "Not sure that's my thing."

"I... er... wouldn't you like to know what you look like with a penis?" I ask. "It's a big fantasy for me so it would be particularly tormenting for me to see you wearing it..."

Xena smiles. "Oh, OK."

Dazedly I pace over to the sex toys. As I pick up the double-headed dildo I remember the clause in our contract, "Spontaneous or unlicensed ejaculation, 5 weeks plus 40 demerits."

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