Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Custom Chastity Update 10: 14th night locked, Day 9(!) of 24/7 chastity lockup - 200 hours

I was a bad person. I went swimming last night but made an excuse and wore my beach shorts so I didn't have to unlock.

It was excruciatingly embarrassing - the shorts that is, not the Custom Chastity "Ghost" which remained invisible.

That pink skin left over from the old chafing? Turned out to be tender and is soft and water right now, probably the combination of the pool water and the contact. I don't think wearing 24/7 has helped it heal, but it certainly hasn't prevented the healing. If the device were at fault, my scrotum would look like raw meat by now!

Otherwise, I have worn this male chastity device for 200 hours solid with no apparent ill effects and no close calls in which I felt under threat of discovery.

Committing to 24/7 for any period is a bit like going on a Mars mission. So, for that matter, is sending somebody a chastity device. There are so many things that can go wrong - chafing, pinching, morning wood, shifting, fall out - and if any of them do go wrong the mission is over.

So my mind is blown.

Not only have I managed to wear this thing day in day out for 9 sometimes psychologically uncomfortable days, but it hasn't really caused me any problems.

Having got this far, I can't see any practical reason for ever removing the device.

This is an incredible feat of design!

It's a feat of design I shall have to enjoy for the rest of today. An older relative has descended on us - we're a handy base for shopping and cinema - so under the terms of our rules, my orgasm day gets bumped until tomorrow.

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