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Guest Post: 5 Weeks (!) in the standard Custom Chastity Ghost (with pictures!)

John's device is a lovely
blue, but you'll have to
read on to see it.
I'm proud of managing 10 continuous days in my device. However right now I'm handing over to my friend John who has spent an entire FIVE weeks locked into his. This will be of particular interest to uncircumcised males...

Well, I got mentioned on this blog. A few days ago I saw a link on Reddit to a blog posting, where Giles mentioned he had been locked up 24/7 for a while, and was wondering about longer term chastity in it. I replied I had been in one for four weeks at that point. We got to chat about it, and he invited me to do a guest review here.

And no worries, the pictures will again behind the cut!

When Giles first posted about the process he was going through to get a custom cage design done, I had already looked at the Custom Chastity site and I was interested in what I saw - specifically the Ghost. I had been wearing a Holy Trainer off and on (more on than off, of course) but I was having problems staying locked for longer than a week. Two weeks was really the maximum before skin irritation took over and I had to stay unlocked for a few days just to let my skin heal. Since for me the frustration (read: joy) of chastity begins to really build after about a week or so and only grows more after that, you can see this is not the best time to unlock. I was, and felt, naked without it.

The reason of course is the full enclosure of my shaft in a Holy Trainer tube, and my skin just not getting any air at all. There was another problem with the Holy Trainer tube - it was just 4 or 5 mm too long for me, which allowed me just too much movement and growth. As readers who have used a chastity cage with too much length can no doubt tell you as well: allowing just a bit of erection to occur can be more painful than fun, A properly sized cage makes chastity a lot better simply by restricting even the tiniest bit of growth.

A third problem with the Holy Trainer is that I'm uncut. My foreskin would start pushing itself through the front slot, making for a lot of very uncomfortable pinching. Ouch!

So just before Christmas I decided to contact Lady Fox and tell her about all this, and that I'd like to order a standard Ghost to try it out, and work from that to a possible custom order later. Contact was very friendly and she told me about the upcoming PA cage (since available on the site) and that they were having some ideas about the foreskin, but not something she could show at that time. 

I went ahead and ordered a Ghost. Lady Fox warned me that Christmas might interfere a bit with shipping estimates, and I told her not to worry - for the amount of time I planned to be locked up in it, a few days waiting would be insignificant.

There's not much to tell about the quality of the product - Giles did a good job there, and there's only a few things I would like to add. 

The first two days the ring of surgical nylon and my skin didn't go on very well, and it felt a bit like the nylon was holding on to my skin just a little bit too much. That subsided and I've had zero problems since. The security I can only agree with Giles - I haven't tried to get out, and I won't, because just like Giles I'm just psychologically unable to. Besides, small padlocks are easy to pick if you know how, so I wouldn't even need to - but apart from all that it's secure enough that just like Giles I can do anything in it I want to and it stays right where it should be. The same with nocturnal events happening down there. An erection attempt does wake me up, but that's all there is - it keeps me contained and stays in place. They say waking up is the second hardest thing in the morning for a lot of males.. well, no longer. 

Also, I disagree about the locking post. But then again, I never have a problem with it digging in my pubis, so it's likely different for each person. [Giles: It only digs in when bending over in tight jeans.] Your mileage may vary, since the "custom" bit of Giles cage is only in the cage, and the ring and locking post are standard. I actually like the placement of the padlock a lot - no chances of it making any noise, and a nice visible reminder that I'm not the one who decides when it gets removed.

Peeing is strictly a sit-down thing for me now, but that's because I'm uncut, and I've done that with every device I've ever tried. For me there's nothing special about that. It's just a matter of sitting down, making sure there are no bits of skin crooked or caught in the holes, and letting go - and cleaning up after. It's just the way it is... the holes in this (and all other cages I've had) are just too small to pull the foreskin out and somehow funnel it. But ladies, it is an extra bonus that your husband never leaves the seat up again!

I agree with one big conclusion by Giles though: This device can indeed be permanent chastity out of the box - or semi-permanent depending on the wishes of your key holder. There will be no excuse NOT to be in it should your key holder tell you to.

Well, we're quite a bit beyond the cut now, and still no pictures - so let me show you what it looks like on me, and then tell you about the things I will likely discuss with Lady Fox when I am thinking about a custom cage.

Here, you can see why the uncut males always look at where the holes in the cage are.. but these are small enough that I get very little pinching. 

The standard Ghost has a few things that - for me - are just a tiny bit shy enough of perfect to consider a custom version. And they are tiny, since I've been in it for five weeks now without any complaint, and I am likely not even halfway into my current lockup - I'd love to tell you how long I have to go, but obviously I don't know.

Anyway, first thing would be to have it just a bit tighter. You can see in the image that - for me -  it is just a little bit too wide. 

Let's look from another angle and you'll see right away:

Or in close up:

Removing that little bit of extra space would be the only modification for me - apart perhaps from something that would help me out with my foreskin. That way it would become, just like Giles said in his review, more of an exoskeleton than a second skin.

Giles also talked about invisibility under clothes, but didn't show you any pictures, so let me fill that gap with two images:

You'll have to forgive me that I'm not even bothering showing you what that looks like in jeans. For the rest of the world, it's simply not there. For the person wearing it however, it is a constant reminder he is no longer in charge. 

Any questions, feel free to use the comments below..

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  1. Hi Giles, I have following your experiences with the CC Ghost. My spouse and I are looking for a non-metal CD to use as an alternative to my MM JailBird. Looking at their website, I have a couple of questions. The device pictures give the impression that the opening to the cage is somewhat oval versus being round. Is that the case or an optical illusion? Also, does the ziptie or a numbered plastic seal anchor the cage to the base ring adequately? Although I wouldn't want to wear it (or any device) for airport TSA scanning, my spouse would like to have it for other situations where I have to go thru a metal detector like when we cruise, or I have jury duty, etc. She favors long term OD but, like you, she unlocks me on occasion during the day for a few hours when she feels it will interfere with some activity I am doing. My last question is, do you have to use lubricant continuously with this device? I found that I did with the CB6s to maintain comfort in the cage but I don't with my JailBird. Thanks for such a good ongoing device review. Look forward to hearing more.

  2. > The device pictures give the impression that the opening to the cage is somewhat oval versus being round. Is that the case or an optical illusion?

    Yes, oval. Mine is elongated - that's the custom design. However the standard one is more oval.

    > Also, does the ziptie or a numbered plastic seal anchor the cage to the base ring adequately?

    The ziptie does, no problem.

    > My last question is, do you have to use lubricant continuously with this device?

    No, I don't use any lubricant. It (potentially) weakens the skin, harbours bacteria and makes the ring slip painfully down onto the balls.

  3. I just wanted to let you know that based on your reviews I attempted to purchase a ghost. After paying, I received no follow up from the seller and after weeks of nothing I sent several more emails to them...crickets. I am now attempting to recover my payment. Any ideas on what's going on?

    1. Hi Dave - How annoying! And how very concerning. I suspect flu is at work. I will email Lady Fox myself. Thanks - Giles

    2. It turns out that she has been really really ill:

      I think you will hear from her shortly.

  4. My question is on size. Do you recommend I get slightly smaller in length and width? Say, 5-10 mm smaller than the measurements in length and in circumference? I don't want to be uncomfortably tight, nor rattling around in the cage, and size, even when soft, can vary throughout the day with different temperatures. I've read a few reviews that have said slightly smaller worked better for them. Thanks. Frank

    1. Hi Frank. Sorry I missed this!
      I think it's best to have the length about the same as your normal flaccid length. Otherwise some of your shaft will come out the back when you get hard.

      Circumference - as you'll see from my posts on a snug chastity device, too snug and it triggers "turtling". So you want slightly loose.


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