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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

This chastity device feels like it's grown on me - literally

I'm 45 minutes away from passing the 10 day mark and I've stopped being aware of this chastity device as a separate thing. It really does feel as if it's grown on me... or even out of me like hair or nails or a freaky alien exoskeleton.

I can't remember the last time I had an orgasm - it must have been something like 3 weeks ago.
And I've hit this point where the natural response to being turned on is a feeling of squirming tightness, where I can't imagine taking this device off, or imagine what it would be like without it.
That's rather impressive for a few grams of surgical nylon.

However, if I am going the last 10%, if I'm going to be wearing 24/7 with only a few exceptions for practicality or good taste, then I'm going to try and get the same last 10% out of Xena in return. If I'm going to truly own my submission, then it's only fiar she fully owns her dominance.

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