Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Custom Chastity Update 11: 15th night locked, Day 10 of 24/7 Lockup - wife adds an extra day

No unlocking today. No orgasm either. And I'm on my tenth day of 24/7 chastity in my Custom Chastity "Ghost".

Of course I wanted and didn't want this. You have to be a masochist to understand this exquisite ambivalence.

As yesterday evening approached, my mind was in turmoil. I wanted to get to ten days, but I wanted Xena to order it, otherwise I'd just be self locked, which is fine if your'e single but I didn't want the fantasy I wanted the reality. I wanted it to be for her.

So I kept thinking of ways to nudge Xena. I could remind her that I hadn't reached my weight target at the end of last year and had still not been punished for that. I could just drop a broad hit about her being able to wield arbitrary powers. But...

I didn't want to nudge her. The thing about topping from the bottom is that you end up bottoming, not subbing.

Meanwhile, older relative's visit was driving me crazy in the way that only older relatives can do. When they'd finally gone, I managed to break a beer glass and treated Xena to a rant. It also turned out that I had managed to wash her whites with a new dark t-shirt.

So when bedtime came, I knelt in the corner and reported I was on Day 9 of lockup. Xena told me well done, and come to do her feet. I pointed out I couldn't leave the corner until she had given me demerits and penalty days. "I've not had a good day, have I, mistress?"

"No Giles, you haven't. That's two demerits for losing it, two for the washing." An evil glint entered her eyes. "And one penalty day because I can."

My cock went off like an air-bag, filling the surgical nylon chastity cage. 

And thus, I am sitting here still locked up after something like 225 hours and it's all been so very normal. No close calls, no pain, no full erection, no orgasm...

This morning it there wasn't enough milk in the fridge and she casually gave me another demerit; something she would normally only do at the end of the day rather than think about Femdom while getting ready for work. So my continuing lockup is having an affect on her too. It's as if a wall has come down and our two worlds have merged. 


  1. Could you remind us what demerits earn you?

    1. Demerits earn a stroke of the whip. Penalty Days defer my weekly orgasm by a day.

  2. Replies
    1. Short riding whip, or light dressage whip. Sometimes a scourge or flogger.


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