Thursday, 3 March 2016

Custom Chastity Update 12: Unlocking after 10 days of 24/7 Lockup - no nasty surprises

There were no nasty surprises!
I hit the 260 hour mark this morning and - with Xena's permission - finally removed my Custom Chastity customized "Ghost" male chastity device.

One snip with a craft clipper took out the cable tie.

Then, a bit scared of what I might find after ten whole days of continuous wear, I eased off the cage and manoeuvred out of the base ring.

There were no nasty surprises!

The only chafing hasn't quite healed - so the take-home would be; don't start a chastity marathon with an existing injury. However, the Ghost had not added any injuries. There were no new chafings, no abrasions, no odd unhealthy patches. 

There was a fuzz of collected dead skin around the opening (body end) of the cage. It hadn't caused any problems, but for longer wear you clearly need to find ways of directing the shower under and around the base of the shaft.

The device also passed the sniff test! It just smelled of fresh skin. It hadn't developed any sort of deep odour.

After passing such a pleasant night - the morning wood problem resolved as soon as I stopped using any lotion -  and having such a sensual awakening, I felt sad to unlock.

As always, orgasm is a bit of  let down after all that wallowing in the plateau phase...

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