Sunday, 27 March 2016

How to get your reluctant partner into a little lifestyle D/s

The hardest part is making it sufficiently
difficult that you 
will make honest
mistakes and get punished. 
So you have some hot D/s going in the bedroom but want a little more of it in your day-to-day life...
The trouble is that your partner is your partner and presumably likes having an equal. That's how modern relationships are supposed to work!
All that kinky protocol and costuming you crave... it's actually  a lot of effort. Why would your partner commit to doing it day-in-day out?
Nor does all that "being more dominant" make much sense on its own. Up to this point, I'm betting your D/s has been all about your dominant turning YOU on - something they get a kick out of, but which requires a lot of mental energy if it doesn't come naturally to them.
Fortunately, your partner will find it much easier to "be dominant" when it's a path to clear personal objectives. 
So, try this:
Establish out-of-bedroom spheres where you want your partner to be in charge, preferably ones where up to this point there has been running conflict. For example, in our case I am a slob and left to myself would neglect housekeeping. 
Don't offer your authority in these spheres!
Instead, tell them that if they use your preferred D/s toolset they are allowed to try to get what they want, that you will take this seriously and not cheat (in order to be punished), and that this will make you very happy. 
You then need to spell out this toolset.
It's not that complicated! The hardest part is making it sufficiently difficult that you will make honest mistakes and get punished. 

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