Monday, 20 August 2018

My wife just sealed me in permanent chastity!

"That sounds great. Do it."
"Can I talk to you about next month?"

It's Sunday night and I'm folding Xena's clothes away while she lounges in bed with a book.

"What about it?"

"You're away at conferences a lot, and you'll be trying to clear your desk before you go, then catch up when you return. I wanted to talk about how to make it work for me."

"I'll fit things in as best I can," she says. She means beatings and occasional orgasms for her.

"That's great," I say, not entirely believing her. "But discipline is already a bit irregular."

"You've not been pulling your weight," she said, "you've been forgetting things."

"That's your fault," I say.

"I just can't be bothered chasing you up."

My shoulders sink. "I hate it when you drift off and withdraw!"

"Well you're getting four demerits for forgetting to compost the flowers," she says. There's a sudden glint in her eyes.

"It's more than discipline..," I say. "I need..."

A few weeks back, while on vacation, we had a talk. Oddly we had had actual penis-in-vagina sex twice. After a run down the beach we discussed, for the first time in years, my needs, how I get anxious if I don't feel "owned", and how she can get the best out of me by making me feel owned.

I recite, "To be Controlled, Affirmed, Scared and Exploited." (Yes, there's an acronym there, but I don't make a fuss about it. It does help me remember.)

Don't read that as a trade: good husbanding for kink. I'm very much telling her how to get things she wants, and those things go far beyond what she could expect even from a stay home husband. And she likes... loves being in charge.

"Hmm," she says and goes back to her book.

I finish the clothes, take a shower and towel myself off while we chat. I'm naked except for my customised Custom Chastity Saint. "The new device is going great," I remark. "Five days in and not even any dry skin or red patches. Fire and forget."
Friendly Polymorph Plastic

"Right," she says, sitting up in bed. "I think we should lock you up for a very long time. Six weeks perhaps..."

My cock inflates like an airbag. I start shaking. There's something on my bucket list, something I've already prepped for. But it has to be something she does to me.

"That would certainly count as Controlled and Scared,"  I say.

"At least until we take a holiday in October," she continues. She glances in the direction of my bedside table where the time lock safe normally keeps my key. "Check the calendar and..."

"How about just using the friendly plastic seal?" I blurt.

"How would that work?"

"Plastic that melts in very hot water," I say. "I take out the locker and push the stuff in. Once it's set, I'd need an hour with a hairdryer or a long hot bath* to get free. I'd basically be stuck until you remembered to free me."

*UPDATE It turns out the long hot bath doesn't work! 
Escape will require careful use of a hairdryer.

"What about if you needed to get out?"

"I've thought about it," I say. "Any circumstances in which I needed an emergency key would already be excruciatingly embarrassing.  And in a medical emergency, they could always cut it off - it's only surgical nylon."

"OK," she says, "That sounds great. Do it."

I'm not surprised. My wife loves having me in chastity, hates having to engage with the fuss of deciding lockups and setting timers. I've basically offered her locked by default. This suits her down to the ground. I have a horrible feeling that only qualms about the practicality have held her back from doing this.

That black blob is the overflow
of the plastic seal.
Still shaking, I go to the kitchen to get a cup of hot water. I've already prepped a rod of just the right size. I let it soak until it's pliable, remove the magic locker from my device and replace it with the plastic.

Which hardens.

As does my cock.

Voila! I'm sealed in. Permanent - or at least open ended - chastity.

I return to the bedroom. "It's set, mistress," I say.

"Excellent," she says. She glances at me, amused, satisfied.

Here's what she sees behind the cut (i.e. cock in chastity picture):


I had thought the new device in its flesh tones had the sinister aspect of looking as if it belonged. Now it does.

She returns to her book. "Rub my feet, slave." (File under Exploited. And she called me Slave, so that's Affirmed.)

"What happens in October?" I ask. "Do I remind you and ask you to release me?"

"You're not allowed to bring it up," she says. (That would be Controlled. And Scared.) "Now rub my feet, slave."

So I rub her feet while my cock dances and twitches in its permanent cage just like in my erotic fiction. At length she sends me to the corner and I kneel while she reads, then doses off.

After about half any hour of me wallowing in hopeless arousal - well past midnight - she wakes. "Come to bed, slave."

"Oh," I say, as I climb into our cosy marital bed. "I thought I had lost all privileges."

The rule is that if she turns the lights out with me in the corner, I have to stay there for fifteen minutes before joining her. (Yes this pushes my buttons, but she also likes having the bed to herself, so more Exploitation.)

She laughs. "It would be amusing to leave you there all night. But not tonight. Though it will happen, slave"

"I'll make sure there's a blanket, mistress."


"Can I have a kiss goodnight?"

"No, slave. Go to sleep."

And she goes to sleep. I lie there, floating on waves of eroticism.


* * *

Is it really permanent? That depends on your definition.

If I seal a window closed using glue and screws, then it's "permanently" shut even though the right tools will open it.

In the same way, all "permanent chastity" is really provisional, even Mina's Bitch and his permanent titanium device with its PA hook. Sooner or later the experience ends.

I think what defines permanent chastity is that it's (a) open-ended and needs (b) a positive decision and (c) some fuss to escape.

Mina's Bitch will require expensive power tools and a water bath. Other lock-ins can probably get out using a Dremmel or even a hack saw. My hairdryer or hot bath seem trivial in comparison!

However, my permanent chastity is potentially far more open-ended than if I were in a metal device.

For a start, complete absence of metal components means I am unlikely to have a security or medical reason to remove the device. Also, this light, surgical nylon chastity device, neither damages the skin not gets in the way of normal activities (not counting masturbation or sex). I can not rely on practical difficulties bringing my chastity to an end.

That brings me to the question: Will Xena let me out in October?

One of the things she likes about Femdom and FLR is that she can have her relationship nailed down the way she likes it, and then not have to keep track. Also, she prefers not to make decisions, and she doesn't like a fuss.

Ending the chastity would entail embracing change, making a significant decision, and accepting  some fuss.

And I'm not allowed to remind her or bring it up.

We'll see.

EDIT 1 Hot bath won't work for escaping! It'll have to be quality time with a hairdryer.
EDIT 2 It's now 9 months later, and she still hasn't let me out.

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  1. As long as it's permanent in your (and her) mind, it's permanent.

    What will you do when the plastic device cracks and wears out? Replace it every few years, or go for steel?

    1. It's surgical nylon. I don't expect it to crack or wear out any time soon. I suspect the colour will fade, though.

  2. You lucky Devil.Enjoy that confinement.I'm envious.

    1. It feels very different, surprisingly so. I'm still processing. And there's definitely an element of "careful what you wish for".

  3. I wish that my wife would lock me up and make it permanent

  4. If your going for permamant chastity do it right and make the cage pink so anytime you lower your pants everyone can see that you are a lowly chastity slave. You don't deserve anything but humiliation and servitude if you are a chastity slave. Expect that your cage is on until doomsday! Get used to sitting on the pot! Morning wood is the only sex you will get. Enjoy your sufferings. Blue balls yep you'll have them each and every time you get hard. Understand this is not temporary... You are locked in 24/7/365 without relief.

    1. OK, your experience and orientation seems different from mine...


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