Monday, 29 February 2016

Custom Chastity Update 9: 13th night locked, Day 8(!) of 24/7 chastity lockup - crossed wires with keyholder!

I was supposed to unlock for my orgasm today, but Xena found a milk bottle top on the kitchen floor and that gave me a penalty day (this isn't her being nutty super-domme; she keeps finding the things and has warned me). So I'm still locked up.

I may be unlocking for swimming today or tomorrow with a friend - the Custom Chastity Ghost would be invisible under beach shorts, but everybody at the gym wears speedos, and I often bump into clients there!

So as of 0930 this morning, I have "enjoyed" 178 hours continuously sealed into my male chastity device, during which time I have lived normally, gone jogging several times, showered once or twice a day, and slept at night.

The old chafing has completely cleared up, except for a pink patch of new skin, thus totally exonerating my current setup.

Morning wood has been painful a couple of times, and I've suddenly realised this was caused by over-application of lotion after showering. Too little and the skin dries out. Too much and it ends up too slippy, enabling the erection to straighten and stretch the scrotum. I shall experiment and report back.

Things have been a little odd with Xena. The timing of this adventure was for review purposes and coincided with a busy week at work for her. Even taking that into account, I've been feeling a bit neglected - like an old fashioned housewife going "Look, sexy underwear..." And husband glancing up from his paper and saying, "that's nice dear pass me my slippers."

When I finally complained, Xena crushingly told me it didn't seem much different to her.
It took me a while to get it. Later I suggested that for her that the extra 10% was merely the natural fulfilment of what we were already doing - "how things should be anyway".
"Yes," she said, "But for you it's a big thing."

"Because I can't pretend I have a double life," I said. "It's always there."

So now we understand each other again. It will be interesting to see how our rules change now virtual 24/7 lockup is technically possible.

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