Friday, 26 February 2016

Custom Chastity Update 6: Morning Wood

A quick update because I'm posting a full review later today.

That's ten nights locked, day 5 of 24/7 wear.

This morning for the first time I woke to painful "morning wood". This also happened from time to time with the Holy Trainer 2, so isn't a strike against the Ghost. The Ghost stayed in position without exposing the shaft - which I always find scary - but tugged painfully on the back of my scrotum. A pee and everything was OK.

The old chafing is definitely healing, though slowly since its up against the lip of the tube - I still feel like an idiot for letting this happen! there's no new chafing! By now, the Chinese device had started to chew through the... jowls... of my scrotum. None of that. This device is at least as comfortable as the HT2.

More later...

EDIT Just realised I miscounted my nights and have had to update them! Last night was my 10th, not 9th, night in the Custom Chastity Ghost.

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