Monday, 22 February 2016

Wife mandates 24/7 in my new 3D printed chastity device!

...there's no practical reason
for taking it off
"A chastity marathon is possible," I say, "but it's not going to happen unless you own it. Is this what you want, Mistress?"

I feel like I'm standing on the edge of a cliff.

The thing about this male chastity device is that there's no practical reason for taking it off.

It's last night. I'm rubbing Xena's feet. It's over a week since I've come and I'm hard inside my Custom Chastity cage.

What with winter colds and work stress, we've had an erotic "dry" spell. Even so, I've racked up lots of penalty days, partly for dieting failures, but also for various infractions. Xena has finally started using the red clicker with scary abandon.

(And the spell has only been dry for her, not me - I've still woken in chastity every morning, still had my punishment whippings, and still experienced the delicious frustration of rubbing her lovely legs and feet every night.)

Now, thanks to my contact sport being cancelled  this week, there's a window for a chastity marathon. I can wear my device 24/7.

Actually I prefer you this way.
I need to do this anyway - when I asked Lady Fox for a device to review, I promised to wear it for an extended time.

However, I'm really pushing the issue because...

I've known my wife likes me chaste since her,"Actually I prefer you this way" more than two years ago. And, then there's the conversation when the new Custom Chastity device arrived last week:

I said, "I can shower in it so in theory I can wear it indefinitely."

She shot back, "Yes but you'd still have to take it off for sport."

Xena seemed very quick in her response as if she'd already considered the possibility. Rather than let the Female Led Relationship opportunity pass, I replied, "Well yes, but I could maximise my wear outside that."

And the conversation moved on.

Even after years of kink and two years of FLR, Xena doesn't like to expose her particular motivations. The less she has to own the better.

However, this is one of those times when she can't get away with putting it all on me. Though extended chastity device wear is a fantasy of mine, it's meaningless without the dynamic, without it being for Xena.

"OK then, we can try it..." she says, then drifts off to sleep... 
It's hard to understand if you're not a submissive. For us, a chastity device is more about dynamic than preventing orgasm. Sure, knowing I can't take it off is a turn on when I think about it. However, mostly it's just a comforting presence like a wedding ring or a piercing - with the dynamic.

So as I rub her feet, I prompt her, "Well, is this something you want?"

"Yes," she says a little sleepily. "But I'm not sure how practical it is."

My cock twitches in its cage. She has thought about it. "I'd not want to do it always," I say, "because it's inconvenient and means being careful. But there's no real risk of being caught."

"OK then, we can try it..." she says, then drifts off to sleep leaving me horny and frustrated with a week of denial ahead of me...

Yes, just like that, having casually potentially pushed our relationship off another Femdom cliff!

And God yes, I'd like to know what's she's actually been thinking, what she's thinking right now! But now I do know she's not just pandering to me and this is what she wants.

So this morning, I swapped the padlock for a cable tie. It looks much better and sleeker this way. I wonder what Xena will think tonight... (pictures next time)

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  1. How do you know she is not pandering you? You jumped from wanting to know what she's been thinking, to know what she's thinking right now. Please fill us in. I usually don’t know if my wife is pandering me until much later when I have second thoughts.

    1. I don't know what she's *thinking* - is she turned on by the idea of my captive lust? Amused by my predicament? Is this some kind of revenge? Does she hate my penis?

      I am fairly sure that she wants this because her attitude to things she's not interested in is "Do what you want I don't want to know", and toward things that repulse her, is to refuse to discuss it.

    2. You have good observation skill. I’m so dull I usually don’t know unless it’s explicitly told to me, repeatedly.


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