Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Update on Custom 3D Printed device 3 - achievement unlocked

That's seven nights in my Custom Chastity customised "Ghost", and I'm 2 nights into 24/7 chastity. In that time I have:
  • Jogged twice
  • Socialised
  • Showered
  • Slept
  • Worn continuously for 36 hours
The cage format means showering and drying is no problem. The only difference from unlocked is needing a quick blow with the hairdriar.
Using a cable tie instead of the padlock makes the device very unobtrusive under clothes. Unlike the Holy Trainer 2, there's no rear beak, so the locking post is snug up against your pubis. Better yet, it doesn't weigh anything. It really is like a second skin.
The eggshell smooth surgical nylon seems to clean fine and requires no lubricant of any kind, making it very hygenic.
The slight abrasion of the scrotum caused by trying the too-small ring seems to have healed, despite 24/7 wear, which bodes well for making it through the week. My old Chinese metal device was good for about 3 days before chafing became unbearable. but the chafing showed up after a couple of days. This device seems to just sit their happily... which is a little scary.
Last night, I though 24 hours of wear was an achievement, especially given I met up with friends while wearing it. Xena for some reason said it wouldn't be an achievement until I reached 36. (She likes the device better without the padlock, but I sense she prefers the look of the HT2).
Socialising in this device - well I just forget it's there. It's not in itself a kinky thing. The kink is in private moments at home knowing it doesn't come off any time soon...

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