Saturday, 27 February 2016

Custom Chastity Update 7: 11th night locked!

Spent my 11th night locked in the Custom Chastity Ghost. This is the start of say 6 of my 24/7 chastity adventure.

Gave Xena a very extensive foot rub and leg massage before sleep. The thing about chastity is it makes touching her legs just about as exciting as it would have been when I was a teenager... though more frustrating.

Despite the horn, spent a comfortable night. Woke up as just as locked as when I went to sleep. The last signs of the chafing are clearing up. This device is sinister.

In case you missed it, I posted a full review with pictures here


  1. Thank you for your extended review of this device.

    If you have a moment, I have a couple of questions. Does the device have any sharp edges? Is the plastic smooth? Do you know of anyone else who has reviewed their product line?


    1. Frustrating isn't it? One of the reasons I approached them for a device to review was I couldn't find many reviews on them!

      There are reviews on their site and next week I expect to post a very positive guest review from a Reddit user who's been locked in one for four weeks.

      > Does the device have any sharp edges?

      No. No seams, no edges.

      > Is the plastic smooth?

      Eggshell smooth, meaning textured to the touch. This is probably an artefact of the 3D printing process, but has the benefits of preventing suction lock and at the same time gripping.

    2. Thanks for the additional information.

      Have your or the other guy had any chafing issues with this model?

    3. Chafing? No.

      Well I did try the smaller ring and leave it on too long and that did chafe the front of my scrotum. However that's pretty much healed now, despite wearing the larger ring 24 hours a day for six days.

      Caveat is that I am an experienced chastity device wearer. For all I know I have tough skin.

      However I am wearing the thing right now having gone through my normal routine for nearly a week. By now in a chinese metal device I would be a mess of welts and open sores.

    4. We bought a cheap plastic device a week ago. The ring caused me considerable pain on one spot of my scrotum. From the Reddit group I learned that the edges on these cheap devices can do that.

      So I'm looking for a better device and am hesitant since this is a purchase you can try on first or return. Imagine if women had to buy bras the same way.

  2. You can probably file down whatever is causing the pain, though it may be to do with pinching and design.

    The trick is to get more than one ring when you order. The custom chastity starter set comes with three rings, which I think is a brilliant idea.

    I agree about the bras! The unprofessional quality of many CBs is shocking.


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