Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Custom Chastity Update 4: wife and 24/7 wear (plus a word on public peeing in chastity)

That's eight locked nights in the new device. More importantly, we're on day three of continuous lockup!
It was round about now that the Chinese device became a chafing problem. This nylon chastity device seems OK, though the skin damage caused by trying the tighter ring hasn't quite healed, so I can't yet swear that this is good for 24/7 out of the box. We'll see what happens. I may have to repeat the experiment...
In fact Xena may well make me repeat the experiment!
On the second night, I was fishing for praise, "That's 24 hours!"
Xena said, "It'll be an achievement when you hit 36 hours."
When she phoned me the next day at lunch I pointed out I had reached that, and she said, "I don't know. Maybe you should do 100 hours."
She already knows that I'm trying for seven days because of the review! But this banter reminded me of the chatter when a few days of chastity stretched to 152 days solid.
Last night as I rubbed her feet I asked, "So do I have to ask to remove this thing?"
"Yes," she said with a slight edge of smugness.
Later, as I did her calves, I pushed it. "Did the rules just change?"
"Possibly," she said.
"Are you going to tell me what they are?"
"Why should I? You have to obey me," she said.
I left it at that but just thinking about it makes me feel a little panicky and at the same time pretty horny.
Now practicalities: Peeing when out and about.
I actually wore the device - well didn't remove it, which is not the same thing - to client's launch party last night in an upmarket pub!
It felt weird sitting in the taxi knowing my dick was locked up, but I had no worries about being found out. Without the padlock, the thing is invisible under clothes since it's just like having a sinister black web around your dick. Apart from when I bent over to pick up napkin and the locking post dug into my pubis, I forgot about my chastity device until it was time to pee. Then I had to queue to use the cubicle.
I considered using the urinal, nobody would have seen, but I've found that with this device if you are misaligned, the hole is small enough that you'll spray everywhere (though ahead rather than down your trousers).  I need to visually check I'm lined up then stick a finger in to hold my dick in place - the cage format makes this easy. Who knows? I might be able to do this by touch eventually. Even if I can't, it's an improvement on the Holy Trainer 2 which usually needs a whirl of the Q-tip and visual checking.
Regarding checking, in a poorly lit toilet stall, it's actually hard to see your own slit (if you are circumcised) so my "pro tip" is to use a (skin safe) black marker pen to dot the top.
However, it's not inconvenient peeing and it's 100% reliable as long as you check and prod, so it easily passes the "out and about test". You could wear it to the office. There's no practical reason to take off this chastity device for normal life.
...a fact I think Xena is just starting to realise.
EDIT: Somebody on Reddit has been in a Custom Chastity Ghost for 4 weeks! You'd have to be another submissive masochist to understand how I feel about telling Xena this.

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