Thursday, 25 February 2016

Custom Chastity Update 5: Wearability, old chafing, and jogging in the cold

That's nine nights locked, and we're on Day 4 of 24/7 wear. This time tomorrow I'll have broken my Holy Trainer 2 record (roughly 4.5 days) and when I wake up in the morning, that'll be me past the one for the Chinese Chastity device. I have every confidence in my new diabolical nylon device.
To be honest, the HT2 is probably physically wearable indefinitely, but with the constant risk of not having dried off properly after a shower. Sooner or later something would go wrong with the HT2. The advantage of a cage over a tube format is that you can see what's going on with the cage.
Practically, this customised Ghost still has the edge for 24/7. It's not comparing like for like because - being a customized male chastity device - my Ghost is a perfect fit. However, also: without the padlock, it is also lighter than the HT2; it's easier to pee in; the position of the post and the circular base ring make it easier to conceal.
The old chafing on my scrotum (from trying too tight a ring) is healing slowly, but certainly not getting worse. There's a moral here about not doing any last moment experiments before embarking on a chastity marathon! I will be so cross if I have to stop this adventure because of it... I'll also have to do a repeat performance to prove it can be done.
I've jogged and showered every morning this week. This morning, the weather was freezing and my genitals contracted into a prickling ball of stretched skin. It was uncomfortable but didn't seem to cause any damage.
More tomorrow, plus a full review with pictures.

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