Friday, 5 February 2016

Padlock or integrated lock for your male chastity device? Survey Results with surprising conclusions

Conventional padlock - rattles
and moves around.
I've been putting this question to the kinky half of the Internet! The threads are ongoing, but I think I can see a consensus emerge:

Results of Chastity Locking System Survey

Locked Men Dot Net 

As of right now, 10 responses (all male), all preferring integrated for security - impossible to cut off without damaging the device  - and aesthetics:
  • Looks nicer, 2
  • More secure, 3
  • More invisible (or quieter), 4
  • Doesn't wreck clothes like a padlock does, 2
  • Brass magic lockers more corrosion  resistant if you swim, 1
However two responders thought padlock might be better for long distance keyholding, and one liked the visual symbolism and rattle of the padlock.

Reddit Chastity Training

Holy Trainer 2 with integral locking
system - lacks symbolic impact but
more secure.
As of right now, 3 responses preferring integrated but mostly because padlocks shift around painfully and click. (Not actually an issue with my Custom Chastity design, by the way.)

One response preferred a padlock for symbolic reasons.


3 votes, all pro integrated.

Chastity Mansion

4 responses
  • Integrated for aesthetic reasons, 2
  • Liked the padlock for the symbolism 1
  • Pulled in both directions, 1

Chastity Forums

5 responses
  • Integral  because padlocks shift around and rattle, 4
  • Liked the padlock for the symbolism, 1


Custom Chastity captive padlock
system, best of both worlds?
The majority of male chastity device users prefer an integrated lock like that of the Holy Trainer 2!

However, surprisingly, this is for practical rather than aesthetic reasons. Primarily the padlock is disliked because it moves around causing discomfort and rattling. Presumably they would be equally satisfied by the Custom Chastity captive padlock system.

Meanwhile, though it is less secure - you can dremmel it without damaging the expensive device - the padlock is the preferred option for (a) those who enjoy its symbolism and (b) those in long distance keyholding relationships (as people can send each other padlocks).

Speaking both as a male chastity device user and an erotic novelist, I can see several obvious conclusions for chastity device manufacturers:

First, padlock devices:

  • Padlocks aren't going away because (a) symbolism, and (b) long distance keyholding.
  • You should probably work to design out the downsides of padlocks so people don't have to mess with rubber bands etc to stop the rattling and protect themselves and their underwear.
Second, integral locking devices
  • A core of users love the aesthetics, however practicality is still the paramount advantage.
  • The ideal device would actually have (a) a highly visible lock, which (b) could be closed securely before being locked so the keyholder would get to turn the key.
  • Useful add-ons could include noise makers and padlock points.

Frankly, I'm a little surprised. My own preference is for an utterly invisible lock so that my chastity device is more like a skin.

So, amongst perverts I find myself a pervert...

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