Wednesday, 17 February 2016

I can do naked star jumps in my new chastity device! (Custom Chastity initial review)

I can do naked star jumps in my new tailored chastity device Custom Chastity!

Better, yet, I woke up this morning with my cock still perfectly better into the thing's web of surgical nylon. There was no messing around with a Q-tip; I could just pee. Getting into it didn't need the stocking trick either.

So the device arrived. It's tough, eggshell smooth, and fits like a spooking thing designed by HR Geiger.

You may have noticed that Custom Chastity have this bonkers advert showing young men doing cool physical activities - A chastity device needn't stop you living life to the full... It reminded me a bit of those ads for women's sanitary products - Time of the month? No problem! Watch me walk the dog while roller-skating:

But now I'm starting to believe that all the dudes in the advert are actually wearing a one of their male chastity devices!

And it's oddly validating.

More once I've put it through its paces.

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