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Friday, 26 February 2016

Chastity Device Review: Ten days in the Customized "Ghost" from Custom Chastity (with pictures!)

The standard Custom Chastity Ghost.
Mine is customized.
Pictures behind the cut! 
I've had it just over ten days, worn it for ten nights, and this Custom Chastity Ghost device feels like part of my body.

Partly that's because I've been sealed into it since Sunday night ten days ago!

I'm now happily on day five of 24/7 chastity lock-up! Xena seems surprisingly into this - but that's for another blog entry; I'll try to keep this one nuts and bolts...

It's a custom device and - I received it in return for an honest review - the order process was both pleasant and intriguing. We went through two prototypes, and a couple of animations before we ended up with my very own custom-fitted chastity device.

Any well-made custom chastity is going to be an improvement on an off-the peg one! This device fits perfectly, lies naturally and invisibly... I can move in it, pee in it, the one thing I can't do is get a proper erection. When I do get hard, the precise fit creates a uniquely intimate violation of my manhood. So, I can't imagine going back to my Holy Trainer 2.

But let me start with some pictures (to protect my real life friends who know about this blog, they are behind the cut):

Picture of Me Wearing my Custom Chastity Device

Here's the side view:
Hi-tech surgical nylon! No burrs or seams.
This could be you! Click to learn how! 
It's cold, I'm not turned on and my penis is slumbering in its cage. You'll notice, however, that the device remains snug against my pubis. If I want to pee, like this, I press the device a little closer and the slot lines up. When I get hard, I'll simply expand to fill the cage.

Here's another more frontal view:
Five days of 24/7 lockup.
My wife loves it! (Find out how to approach yours.
I think both pictures bring out the quality of the hi-tech material - it reminds me of a PC case or a futuristic medical appliance. The matt black is sexy but conveys authority rather than PVC fetish. However, I rather fancy having this in a skin tone...

You can also see how the padlock would be retained by the locking post's overhang. Instead I have a snipped cable tie installed, which makes my dick look as if it's trapped in a submarine or else has its own radar! 

When I wore it, the square base of the padlock was visible through tight stretchy fabric, but reliably obscured by the zip of jeans. It also didn't rattle, so wasn't a problem for out and about.

Now onto the detailed review!

Material: Surgical Nylon

Careful what you wish for!
My Ghost chastity device is made of surgical nylon. The product sheet on the website tells me that it's skin safe, non-porous and safe to wash at dishwasher temperatures - Lady Fox says the devices do indeed go through a dishwasher before shipping.

It's unbelievably tough - I took a reject model supplied by Lady Fox and whacked it with a baseball bat. No effect. I also tried filing one of the openings - I only succeeded in taking off some of the surface dye! 

It's also light. I can't tell you how light because I'm locked into the thing so can't take it off to measure it. However, with a cable tie instead of a padlock,  it's more like having a second skin than wearing a bondage device.


It's eggshell smooth. Mine is black. The end effect is very high tech. It washes easily - before I was sealed in, I did the sniff test - and dries with no problems. Though it grips the skin firmly, it doesn't stick to it - so no sticking of sweaty skin to smooth surfaces.

There were no seams, no sharp corners and no odd residues, though they do recommend washing it before wearing it.


I like it. Xena I think prefers the way the Holy Trainer 2 hides my penis. It certainly looks better without the padlock - it's designed to seal with a cable tie and security tag instead. This creates an incredibly light and metal-free device, arguably more practical than an integral locking system.


It's a ball gripping chastity device. I'm sure I can pull out, though psychologically I am incapable of this, However, there's no way on earth I could get the thing off my balls. 

It also stays put. I can do naked star jumps in it. Crawl around on my hands and knees. Sleep. Then, when I check, it's still bedded against my pubis. There's no chance of one of those awful half-trapped erections where your dick lodges in the middle of the cage, half-tears off your balls and leaves an inch of shaft protruding ugly and vulnerable.

Comfort and Practicalities

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It's light - especially with the cable tie - and fits like a glove, so it's feels comfortable.

The security also makes it comfortable. My erection is always contained, my morning wood is always neatly trapped giving me a sense of being held, usually without having my balls strained (I had one straining experience out of ten nights, which is pretty normal for the HT2 as well). This really is like having a second skin.

Apart from the fit, this device has been modified to give me a longer pee slot. I'm told the standard one is best for men who are uncut and prevents pinching. I am circumcised, so I need to be able to line up my pee hole with the slot... and my customised Ghost lets me do this with just a little prodding. I am not yet ready to risk a public urinal, but in the privacy of a stall I can pee with 100% reliability.

Getting into the device... I have to cast my mind back a few days... is really easy, easier even than the flabby Chinese cage I used to wear. There was no need for the stocking trick, no need for bacteria-harbouring lube. I just slid on the base ring, pushed my dick into the cage, slotted the cage on then tugged the front of my scrotum until my head nestled in the end. Perfect!

I did manage to chafe myself trying the smallest base ring - the smaller the ring, the smaller the actual gap as I belatedly realised . However, the chafing has since almost cleared up.

UPDATE: Two hours later, it really has healed over, showing that the current set up was not to blame.

The cage format is a win for long-term wear. I've jogged and showered every day this week with no problem.

My one niggle is that I don't like the locking post. If I bend over in jeans, it digs into my pubis - not a problem in lose clothing or naked, though. I hope Custom Chastity will produce a version of this device with an integral lock, or perhaps a cable-tie only version with a low profile.

Invisibility Out and About

The comfort and security help make this device easy to conceal - there's no sudden pain, or oddness of posture - except if you need to really bend over (see above about the post). Being able to pee with no problem is also important.

Beyond that, obviously it helps to have a custom fit because the device then lies naturally. However two design features are also important:

First, the circular base ring, which seems at first like a retrograde step, is not only comfortable, it also means I can close my legs, or let my package sink between partially closed thighs. Not only is this more natural, it also prevents discovery if somebody drunkenly sits on your lap - as happened the other night. (Though the padlock might have given me away had it been installed.)

...the device has grown on her now 
she's realised that there's almost 
no practical reason for me to ever 

Second, the position of the locking post up close to the body creates an entirely natural silhouette unlike - say - the Holy Trainer 2 which has a rear hood that shifts everything out further, creating a shark's fin effect under tight clothing.


It's more of an exoskeleton than a second skin!

I love this chastity device. I'd love it even better with an integral lock, but I still prefer it to my Holy Trainer 2 even just for overnight lock up because I know my Ghost will stay put.

Xena is less keen on the look, though not repulsed by it. However, the device has grown on her now she's realised that there's almost no practical reason for me to ever take it off.

I've certainly gone a week without problem. Somebody else has done four weeks in the off-the-peg version. I suspect this device could be permanent chastity out of the box... if you wanted that.

So overall, Custom Chastity is looking to be a game changer not just for male chastity fetishists, but also for couples like us who have a strong chastity dynamic in our relationship.

I'm overjoyed to have received this device for review, but I'd be equally overjoyed had I saved up to buy it.

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