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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Custom Chastity Update 8: 12th night locked, day 7 of 24/7

The Ghost male chastity device has become a bit of a fixture now! I am more concerned with getting an orgasm on Monday than taking it off.

At the same time, wearing 24/7 is a bit of an experience. Up until this point, I was still living a kind of mental double life without the need to reconcile vanilla me with submissive me. Now I'm still me, but always with this reminder of being a surrendered husband. There's no hiding from it, and that's brought back lots of memories of my youth spent looking for a domme while pretending I wasn't.

What's weird is that Xena doesn't see this as much different from normal. I have a horrible suspicion that she sees this as just the natural completion of what we already do; me mostly denied and mostly chaste has become me mostly denied and almost always change.

As for practicalities: Still no sign of new chafing. The old chafing continues to heel, perhaps a bit slower than if I was wearing. Some ball stretching happens during some morning woods, and cold weather can make it feel as if you have barbed wire wrapped around your genitals. However no damage seems to result. I have been careful to moisturise after showering, not to lube, but just to prevent the skin drying out.

Last night I towelled dry as if I were really naked and forgot to use the hair-dryer on my man parts. This doesn't seem to have caused a problem. I suppose the cage design plus body heat saved me!

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