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How to choose a male chastity device 1: Ball Gripping Chastity Device or Full Chastity Belt?

I'm on my eighth male chastity device, and perhaps my twelfth combination of base rings and cages. And that's not counting early DIY efforts. I've also worn mostly 24/7 for several years. So here's my take on choosing a male chastity device.

Full chastity belts are the stuff of fantasy!
Full chastity belts are the stuff of fantasy. Inescapable and secure without a piercing! Totally suppression of erections! Visually neutering (if that's what you like)!

Better yet, the good ones look really photogenic as long as you have the body for it. Go look how cool Ruffled Sheets looks in his chastity belt.

What's not to want?

My debut novel featured a full belt, as did my DIY chastity devices, but I haven't looked into getting a proper one.

Here's why not.

Full chastity belts that don't fit perfectly quickly unwearable. There's so much that can go wrong!

Totally suppression of erections!
The tube opening must marry up to the penis, or cause chafing or worse. The girdle has to hug the hips or waist or else cause more chafing.

Finally there are the rear plumbing arrangements! Pick one from: security and sore buttocks (from chains); security and gross toilet experiences due to a metal G-string; or possible security trusting in the girdle being stiff enough to keep the cage in place.

Essentially, you are ordering an exoskeleton over the Internet, based on measurements alone!

This means either going for a (comparatively) expensive one from Behind Barz, or else a Chinese from Amazon or DHGate and having the tools and expertise to modify it yourself.

Even if they do fit right, I'm not convinced that full belts are truly practical for open-ended 24/7 wear.

A rigid girdle can't be good for the back, and I couldn't do yoga while wearing one. A solid groin bump also seems a bit too discoverable. I can't imagine wearing it onto a client sight, and certainly not through any kind of security.

Sure, if I had the money, I would order one up. But I wouldn't expect to wear it for more than a couple of days at a time. It would be for BDSM rather than chastity lifestyle.

So my advice on full male chastity belts is: consider carefully whether this fits your actual needs, and do extensive research before gambling time and money on getting one.

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