Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Best long-term cage ever? Reviewing the Custom Chastity Saint (with pictures)

Custom Chastity Saint
"How long do you think I should wear it?" I ask.

I'm kneeling at the foot of the bed, massaging Xena's legs and feet, and "enjoying" the constricted feeling of trying to get hard inside my new Saint cage, which Lady Fox of Custom Chastity sent me to review.

"How long did you do last time you did a review?" she asks.

"A couple of weeks," I say.

"Oh well then," says my wife. "Do two to three weeks."

An electric pulse seems to run through my cage. "What about my orgasm?" I say. "I'm due one in a couple of days.
It really is a cage

"Tough," she says.

And now, of course, I really am horny but can't do anything about it.

I'm not, however, worried about open-ended lockup in the new Saint cage. It feels like the most practical device I've owned.

I know!

Each new chastity device has felt like a major improvement on the last: home made full belt to Chinese cage, to Holy Trainer 2, to a range of Custom Chastity devices.

And, every time I get a new Custom Chastity device to review, it's the Holy Grail, until the next one surpasses it.
Sales pitch: designed for maximum teasing.
(I think this version has  slider for a piercing.) 

And this one really does surpass everything I've worn, with a couple of caveats because it really is a cage, and a minimalist one at that.

As you can see from their sales pitch on social media, it's really designed for maximum teasing potential rather than security. There's a lot of exposed flesh! (For pics, see below the cut).

I'm not sure I'd want to have an orgasm while wearing it though!

When I experimented with pulling out with a previous model, getting hard and jerking off stretched the skin and caused very nasty chafing. I also know what getting off while actually locked hurts and is likely to leave my cock puffy and bruised, and irritate my urethra enough to have me peeing more frequently for a day or so.

All the more reason for the wearer to resist teasing, if that's what's on the menu. It's also a sort of security - a well-fitted device makes your dick "cheating evident" which is as good as it gets without a piercing.

Teasing is certainly not on Xena's menu. In fact I think from her point of view, the new device shows off rather too much dick. However, the compensation is the practicality.

Not wearing
For a start, it really is a cage, rather than a tube with vents.  That means sweat vents easily, dead skin doesn't accumalate, and it's really easy to wash and dry; there appear to be no dead zones.

The startlingly minimalist head section, almost like a big bent paperclip, makes it really easy to adjust the position of your dick (though it's not so gappy that I could squeeze my head out).

I find I'm mostly lined up to pee when I down-zip, but if I'm not, then it's easy to align properly. Similarly, if I'm stuck in the barrel due to night turtling, it's a simple matter to poke a finger in and retrieve the errant member. Oh, and of course, there's nowhere for pee to collect.

(I suspect that the easy access would benefit an "uncut" wearer, i.e. one with an intact foreskin, making it simple to retract and clean and so on.)

Finally, it's even lighter than the other Custom Chastity devices I've worn. I found that my first surgical nylon device weighed less than its padlocks. This one, having even less fabric, weighs even less. I am barely aware it's there.

Then we come to the specific options I picked, namely a single thickness base ring and magic locker (which I expect will be standard with this model), and the material.

You'll see from the profile picture above that the pubic bulge is about the same whether or not I'm wearing!

The funny thing about being straight male chastity fetishist is that you have no idea of what a male groin should look like. As you can see from my pictures, there is always a pronounced bulge as seen from the side. This chastity device lies naturally enough to not make it significantly more pronounced.

The low profile is partly down to the magic locker, but also because of the single-thickness ring. There's a pay-off here between grip on the one hand, and hygiene and low profile. I think the single ring is more likely to shift than the double, but it's easier to clean and less obtrusive.

The material, as always, is surgical nylon with an eggshell finish. I've never had a problem with it, and find the texture makes it less sticky when my head presses against it. It's also pretty much indestructible unless somebody takes a cutter to it. This is about what you'd want for 24/7 wear... just in case you end up in an ambulance.

What does it look like on? Pictures below the cut, and - in case you came here direct - below the line.


This is what it looks like from the front:

As I said, Xena isn't that taken with the aesthetic. She prefers designs that cover up as much dick as possible. However, I think she likes the long term possibilities:

This pic gives you a sense of just how practical this device is! It's more vent than material. Even so, that evil paperclip still manages to restrain my erections without becoming actually painful or worrying.

So, overall, this the Saint is another winner from Custom Chastity. It's designed for teasing, but terrifyingly practical for long-term wear. If you have a foreskin, you may find the head design is just what you need. Add the attachment point we were testing on the previous device, and I think you have the perfect 24/7 male chastity device.

I say "I think" because I'm only a couple of days into my "2-3" weeks. And, actually, I have a horrible feeling that Xena will reset the clock because I unlocked to take the with and without pictures.


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