Tuesday, 30 September 2014

My wife's weekday masturbation while I kneel in chastity

"I was going to send you out of the room for
a while."... 
her code for having a quiet
masturbation session.

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As I emerge from the shower, I hear Xena enter the bedroom. I wrap the towel decently around my un-caged loins and stick my head out of the en suite doorway. "Hi."

My wife smiles at me. "Hello honey."

"Our FLR contract got something like 4,000 hits," I say. "Looks like it generated some sales."

"That's good", says Xena pulling on her pajamas. "As long as it helps to buy me the clothes I want."

"I do my best," I say. (Yes -- for those who've just tuned in -- as with most author's websites, the book sales subsidize the blogging. Mostly this just pays for sex toys like the nice vibrators I bought. Sometimes it's just enough to keep us out of the red.)

"So," I say. "Technical question about our contract."

Xena's face clouds. She doesn't usually enjoy discussions like this unless she's in the mood. At the moment we're in something of a dry spell, so that mood is not often.

"I missed my orgasm today," I say. I was just too busy running errands. "Does it carry over to tomorrow?"
she selects the small multi-speed
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"Oh." Xena thinks for a moment. "Since you were doing jobs, yes."

"Thanks," I say.

"Which reminds me," says Xena. "I was going to send you out of the room for a while."

My penis starts to harden. This is her code for having a quiet masturbation session. "Let me kneel in the corner," I plead. "Go on. It'll cost me two days."

"Go on then," says Xena.

"Let me get into my device..." I'm already half erect. However, as the Holy Trainer base ring goes on, my well-trained cock admits defeat and I install the tube.

Minutes later I'm kneeling in the corner, hard inside my chastity device. I'm already so turned on that all I can think about is masturbating. However -- deliciously -- what Xena's about to do make it longer until I can do that.

As always for her weekday quickies, there's nothing to see, just Xena clicking at her kindle, one hand beneath the covers.

Then she sighs. "Oh, bring me the vibrators."

...thanks to a previous adventure -- it's very easy to
visualize what's happening.

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She selects the small multi-speed vibrator and I have to kneel in the corner listening to its buzzing. And -- thanks to a previous adventure -- it's very easy to visualize what's happening.

The worst of it is that I've been using this one to get off without removing my Holy Trainer, first as an experiment, then because I was semi-permanently trapped in a glued-up chastity device. Now, as the thing buzzes and whines, my cock quivers hopefully as if hoping for an orgasm too.

Xena produces the vibrator from under the covers. "Clean this."

My cock lurches and squirms, but now of course -- thanks to our FLR contract -- my orgasm has is now been put back by two days... and that's assuming Xena doesn't develop a midweek masturbation habit.

A few minutes later I'm lying next to her in the dark, hopelessly hard and -- in the way of we submissives -- both wonderfully content and desperately frustrated.

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