Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The renewal clause in our Female Led Relationship contract

"Will you look at the contract?" I say.
"Will you look at the contract?" I say.

"Oh God do I have to?" says Xena. "I'm not in the mood."

"You agreed it was a good idea," I say. "And we need things spelled out because you keep forgetting stuff."

The whole Xena forgetting I was supposed to be chaste during the day business made me feel a complete idiot. That's the one thing I can't stand; looking like a middle aged man being humored by his wife. A few days later I'd said how about a contract? and Xena surprised me by agreeing. (A bit like wanting me to call her "mistress".)

Now, having written the thing I'm feeling even more of an idiot. "Never mind," I say. "Obviously the wrong time..." I start to shut the laptop, but Xena's already reading it.

"Yes. OK. OK... Looks fine," she says.

I'm not surprised. The FLR contract merely reflects what we're already doing. There are a few clauses reminding me to shut up, and some in there to remind Xena that this is her idea too.

The her orgasms put back my orgasm day system is a nice self correcting system so when our relationship is at its least sexiest I don't feel entirely trapped and miserable. It's also a way to nudge her into more erotic activity with the added spice that it will be at my expense.

I also made sure it was clear that I was allowed to remind Xena when she was behind with administering my demerits -- otherwise the whole thing crumbles -- and that I could also remind her to make time for intimacy.

Again, all these things reflect our existing Female Led Relationship.

"There's one point," I say. "How we renew." I point at where I've set out two options for how we renew our FLR:
On reaching a milestone...
...Xena and Giles will decide together whether the FLR will continue
...Xena will alone decide whether the FLR will continue, though Giles may make his views known.
"You shouldn't have put that option in if you didn't want it."
"Which is it?" I ask, knowing she'll go for the nice safe mutual option. Xena, after all, is usually utterly useless at owning her part of the female led relationship. I'm not trying to force her hand. I'm just trying to establish what she actually thinks.

"Oh the second one," says Xena casually.

I blink at it, "...Xena will alone decide whether the FLR will continue... You mean it's just up to you."

"Well of course," says Xena, amused now. "You shouldn't have put that option in if you didn't want it."

As I bed down next to her to sleep, I realize that the contract really does reflect our existing Female Led Relationship. Thanks mostly to the economy, Xena really is the dominant partner in our relationship anyway.

My penis hardens forlornly inside its Holy Trainer.

Of course, actually I quite like things this way.

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