Monday 12 June 2023

Prototype permanent chastity device breaks after two and a half years

Broken Device (faded look results from my experiment with dye)

The best chastity cage I've ever worn! I'm gutted that after nearly two and a half years, the Custom Chastity Saint "Permanent" version broke.

Something like 30 months of continuous wear is pretty good for a prototype!  

However, as you can see, the prong snapped off the base ring (faded look is my fault). 

Lady Fox said:

That was a designed in weakness but was only meant to be broken deliberately not fatigue. The new permanent system is stronger without out that weakness and should not fail like that. 

We're currently discussing a replacement, though I think I'll have to pass on her offer of titanium(!). 

Meanwhile, I'm back in my original Custom Chastity Saint, with an appropriate seal, pending summer flights. 

The original Saint is wonderful, but the permanent version was like a barefoot shoe: very unintrusive and so open that I could just towel dry after a shower; and with the oval base ring that kept everything in place.

 It felt really, really odd being uncaged. I'll have to write about the experience once I've processed.

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