Monday, 30 March 2015

Updating our Female Led Relationship Contract

"Well. I can't imagine living any other way." 
This could be you!
It's past the anniversary of our Female Led Relationship.

We reached our New Year milestone without a whimper. It was Xena's decision and she simply announced we'd keep going until this milestone, when it would be up to me to decide.

So now I was determined that we were going to have a conversation about it. Xena's been busy and tired of late, and I was starting to feel as if I was merely a dutiful house husband whose busy wife indulged his private fetish so long as it had no impact on her.

And that's how we ended up, me kneeling at the foot of the bed rubbing her feet.



Awkward pause.

"It's your decision," says Xena.

I think for a minute. "I want to hear what you think about it first. You're really rubbish at owning stuff like this." 

"What do you mean?"

I try to keep my tone light. "You like stuff, then forget you like it. You agree to stuff then act as if it's all my fault for making a fuss."

She laughs. "Well. I can't imagine living any other way."

My erection goes off like an airbag, one constrained by my ever present Holy Trainer 2 chastity device. "Oh."

"How do you feel?"  asks my wife.

"Horribly turned on by what you said," I admit. I try to rally my thoughts. Kneeling at her feet, locked into a chastity belt, seven days since my last orgasm -- it's not a good negotiating position.  

I rehearse the old story, why we're like this. Xena has a high powered job, needs my support. I manage dribs and drabs of contract work. 

"It's not to do with fair division of labour," I say. "It's just impossible to separate out me doing my share and the more personal stuff, plus you have your own domestic standards. And you like to switch off in the evening." I don't normally chat to her during foot-rubs. At night I am very much a personal slave until it's time to get into bed next to her. "So even without this arrangement, I'd still end up doing everything and taking orders. This seems more straight forward."
"As you say, this does suit me..."This could be you!

She agrees with me. However, I'm not going to let her off the hook. I push on. "Also, being in charge suits you, regardless. You like being in charge. So if you're up for it, then I'm happy to keep going."

Really. She said that. My cock is so hard in its prison I'm ready to roll onto the floor and weep. I stick to my guns, though, and bring up the way I've felt neglected, and how the sex seems to have gone out of our relationship of late.

That brings up an old argument, one many couples have. Xena retreats into the, "Oh well I don't have much of a sex drive I can do without it" stance. However, it also comes out that she's been stressed at work and we've both been taking it in terms to have low grade viruses and 'flu. Now, whenever she tries to kick start her libido by masturbating with me out of the room, I've always acted sulky (because I've been feeling neglected), which has put her off the whole thing.

I suddenly realize that it's the things she does not the things she says that matter. I abjectly apologize for cramping her style, remind her that for things to work she has to use the demerits, and suggest we give things another go.

...she has me lie in the corner
where I can't see and she masturbates.

 Still better than a dead bedroom!
"OK," says my still vanilla-acting wife. "As you say, this does suit me. We'll review it after six months," she says, "then after a year, unless the financial situation changes."

I try not to whimper. Yes, chaste and serving, not a good negotiating position.

Then she has me lie in the corner where I can't see and she masturbates. I lie there for ever, my cock heaving with the ebb and flow of the buzzing vibrator, and then to bed.

Then last night she administered my demerits, 23 lashes, of which more another time.

So now, instead of getting off, I'm writing this. Thanks to Saturday's orgasm -- hers, I mean -- don't get mine until tomorrow. A trivial wait, but my body has grown used to the Monday ritual.

So now I'm working on an update to our Female Led Relationship contract. Watch this space!

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