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What do you get out of locking up your man's cock? Three real benefits of male chastity...

"Blah blah blah
[disingenuous claim here]"
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persuasively without being a dick
Men who want to be locked in a chastity device can talk a lot of crap:

"I'm weak and have a porn/sex/masturbation addiction!" 
"My cock is too little to serve you!" 
"I'll be a better husband!" 
"Blah blah blah [disingenuous claim here]" 


The gut response is usually one of irritation: "OMG I hope you're not like that!" or "You should be doing these things anyway!"

So here I am, a man with a chastity fetish, setting out why you - a woman (or gay man, actually) - might like to keep your partner's cock locked in one of those devices.

Why should you take me any more seriously?

Mostly because I have nothing to gain by convincing you - I'm already locked up by my wife, and she likes it so much she's the one pushing me into 24/7 wear.

I am also aware of you looking over my shoulder, ready to throw up your hands in disbelief.

So I'm going to be as honest as I can be. Read on...

 ...his tongue and fingers still work
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First, let's get the kink out of the way...

Kink is sticky, especially if you can tailor it to vanilla - that is normal - erotic things you like. However, since you're reading this, right now the idea of male chastity probably doesn't give you a buzz.

It does however give your partner a buzz, otherwise he wouldn't be asking. From the wearer's point of view, male chastity devices are like kink-tinted glasses - they turn everything kinky!

However, his chastity need have little or no impact on you.

In bed, unless you are hooked on your man coming inside you, it's almost irrelevant: his tongue and fingers still work; if you like penetration he can use a strap-on (or you can actually unlock him); and if mutual vulnerability is important to your sense of intimacy, there's not much more vulnerable than a man who's horribly turned on but can't come!

Essentially, he can be having the kinkiest time of his life, and you can be having a very good time indeed (we'll get to the sex).

Out of bed, as long as he doesn't keep talking about it - most men won't -  a modern male chastity device is practically invisible. This is one kink that you can work into your relationship without needing to change very much. You certainly don't need to transition to a reverse 50 Shades lifestyle!

So in a nutshell,

  • BENEFIT 1#: You can satisfy his kink with little or no impact on yourself, and he'll love you for it.

Next, lets talk about sex...

 ...it will make him work harder to seduce you
Yes, that does sound a bit silly given we're talking about male chastity! However, you can let him out of the device for sex.

Or not.

Let me explain.

If you control the keys to his chastity device, then you have total control over when and how you have sex. This can end a pattern of dull routine sex to please him - a real blessing if you have mismatched libidos.

When you do have sex, it will make him work harder to seduce you (if that's what you like, and seduction can include "doing the chores" - apparently some women find this an aphrodisiac...), improve his foreplay and give you control over its duration, and - if that floats your boat - the chance to be an appalling tease.

If you don't let him out of his device for sex - not a terrible fate for him because of the mindblowing plateau phase it creates, by the way - then you get all of the above, but without the penetration, or penetration on your terms with a dildo.

Finally, if he's generally locked between sex sessions, then he doesn't get to masturbate but does get constantly reminded of sex. This might not do much for his staying power, but will generate a lot more passion on his part.

Yes, in an ideal world, you'd get all these things because he loves you. However, he wants to hand you this power because he loves you, so why not see where it goes?

So in a nutshell:
  • BENEFIT 2#: You can tailor your sex life to suit yourself, and he'll love you for it.
Now, relationships...

...locking him in a male chastity
device gives you a very tangible power. 

Despite the B.S. wannabe lockees spout, male chastity can improve your relationship beyond just satisfying his kink and improving the sex.

Perhaps most important is that it's a shared secret. Any shared secret will bring you together, and this is a particularly delicious one.

It's also a way to connect your sexualities when you may be living very parallel lives. This is especially true if he's been sucked into the world of online porn and fetish forums - the chastity device will decisively shift his focus to you. You may even find it comforting that he is locked and locked just for you.

Finally, locking him in a male chastity device gives you a very tangible power.

It's easy to forget, drift away from, or cease to trust other kinds of agreements.

Sure you might, say, agree he must improve his lovemaking, but in the spur of the moment on a Friday night it might be hard for you to be assertive. Sure, he might promise to do more chores and - perhaps more importantly - do them to a higher standard, but when he slips up you end up sounding like a nag.

A male chastity device, however, is a real thing.

It's either locked on or it's not.

When it is locked on, then you have the keys and therefore you control the action. There's no swept away, no "not sure if we were still doing that". It takes a positive decision by you to unlock him and - given his fetish - he'll usually be secretly pleased when you decide not to.

How you use that power is up to you, but you can be pretty sure he likes the idea of you using it in ways that are not always fair or reasonable.

  • BENEFIT #3: Despite the bullshit, a male chastity device can improve your relationship by handing you tangible power and he'll love you the more for you using it.
How about you? What do you or your keyholder get out of male chastity? Is there anything I should add?

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