Friday, 25 November 2011

Newish chastity device, "Dick Cage"

Over on, somebody linked to the Dick Cage chastity device.

There are a lot of subtle things about the design that I like the look of. The ball ring is really wide so that the balls sit a long way forward along the shaft. To me that looks like a security improvement compared to the CB range. I still don't believe it's 100% secure, though.


  1. I've just taken delivery of one of these.

    It'll be interesting to compare it to my Bon4 device, which is the closest I have to it (I have half a dozen devices). Will let you know!


  2. Thanks! I've been checking reviews, and I suspect it's no more secure than any other ball gripper.

    I have, however, been tinkering with the idea of catching a hank of pubic hair in the locking pins. Don't have a 'gripper, so haven't experimented.

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  4. Jean Baptiste - you had an odd link in your post which looked spammy so I deleted it. Feel free to repost without the link!


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