Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Why ball-gripper chastity devices can't be secure

I love the idea of a ball-gripping chastity device like the CB2000+ series, but look at this...

Scrotums are stretchy. Flaccid penises are squashy. There's no way on earth a simple ball gripper can be "finger  secure"; you don't need tools to get your penis free.

Does this matter?

It depends what you want from a chastity device. If you're mostly wearing it around your partner, she'll notice if start fighting your way out of it.


  1. I often wish it(cb6ks) was more secure but it acts more as a reminder that it is not my property or place to "cheat". I often do slip out to clean, just easier, but even then it helps remind me.

  2. The dreamlover thingy may have the anser to this because it has a penis detector. I would hope other similar cheaper devices will come onto the market.

    Device here: http://www.dreamloverlabs.comindex.php)

    Something that detected the presence of the penis and shocked your balls if you were out would be great.


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