Sunday, 18 November 2012

Very good review of the Mature Metal Jail Bird

Over on Locked in Chastity, there's a very good review of the Mature Metal Jailbird.

In case you didn't know, the Jailbird is a bespoke metal male chastity device from Mature Metal. Over on Fetlife, people tend to speak highly of this chastity device.

Actually, I'm seeing a lot of metal chastity devices around the web.

The merely chrome-plated ones are probably a bad idea because the plating can come off, leaving sharp(!) edges. However, the stainless steel ones have the potential to be better value than the plastic.

 Plastic CBs have been known to split, which is potentially painful - ever caught your dick in your zipper? - and could spoil an otherwise perfect evening. They also have a reputation for holding odors in the way that metal does not.

I doubt ball-grippers are ever going to be 100% secure, however they have a lot of advantages over full belts. The reviewer writes:
Overall, I am very satisfied with the Jail Bird from Mature Metal, and after 6 months of living with the device, I still recommend it highly.
I sometimes wonder what the Romans used for their male chastity belts. I bet it worked.

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