Monday, 28 July 2014

Permanently chaste! (Sort of)

Today, Monday morning, I'm sitting here sealed into a metal Chinese chastity device.

No key.

No padlock.

Just a blob of robust plastic riveting it closed.

Permanent chastity lite.

It feels awesome, not least because I did this with Xena's enthusiastic approval. Here's what happened.

...lovely legs
Rewind back to Sunday night.

I'm dressed only in a long T-shirt and chastity device, rubbing Xena's feet and lovely legs and getting hard inside my Holy Trainer 2 and suddenly there's a... loosening in my groin.

It's the start of our 6 day lock up "marathon". I'm now used to long periods of chastity, but for practical reasons I don't usually get to stay continuously locked up. So this is a treat. Even more so because for the first time she's taken responsibility for the key.

"What's wrong," says Xena, looking up from her book.

"That damn thing's broken," I say.

"What? Again?"

She sounds sympathetic and annoyed herself, but she doesn't make a fuss. She trusts me to go sort things out.

I dig out my bag of BDSM from the back of the wardrobe and flee to the kitchen. I'd previously glued the older broken tube using epoxy resin so I give this one a go. It repair simply breaks. That takes me back to my old Chinese chastity device.

I stare at the thing and my heart drops. After the sleek sensuality of the Holy Trainer, I can't face the clunky padlock and that damn post that sticks into my naval whatever I do. Then I have this idea. I hurry back to Xena.

"Can I offer you options?"

"Go on."

"I'm going to have to wear my old device. I can either lock it on with this padlock and give you the key... or..." My mouth goes dry. She's going to say no. It'll be too much fuss and weirdness. "I could take a blob of this thermoplastic I have... It's solid when cold but like putty when at 60 degrees and..."

Here eyes light up and she grins broadly. "That sounds good."

It's like a cold hand grips my genitals. She hasn't even heard the full explanation and she's saying yes. It's as if she's thought about this. I tell her that getting out will require a hairdryer, wet towels and an hour or so of privacy - not a trivial thing. She checks I don't expect her to be involved then says matter-of-factly, "OK. Go on then."

Polymorph plastic - handy for
making and fixing sex toys 
So now I'm rushing around the house looking for my pot of Polymorph plastic (aka "Friendly Plastic" left over from my DIY chastity belt days.

There's a lump left in the bottom so I dump it in hot water, roll a small piece into a rod the thickness of the rivet. Then with total calmness I get into the device, push the rod through the pinhole and squish it around the post.

Five minutes later I am sealed into my chastity device. There's now no way out except using tools.

It feels permanent.

I hurry back to Xena, who's reading. "Do you want to see my handiwork?"

"Not right now," she says, as if virtually emasculating her husband was normal. "Put my socks on, my feet are cold."

So I fish out her bed socks, tuck her feet under the duvet and - still naked below my T-shirt - go and kneel in the corner.

The metal device is not as comfortable as the Holy Trainer and I reach down to adjust it.

It's then it hits me.

Xena, meanwhile, just reads her book.
No lock. No key hole. I'm really sealed in.

My cock goes off like an airbag. It's all I can do not to groan and play with my nipples.

Xena, meanwhile, just reads her book. 45 minutes later she berates me for not warning her of the time. It's almost as if my "permanent" chastity makes it even easier for her to treat me as a slave.

Later in the dark as we curl up together, I say, "I'm sorry the key I gave you doesn't work any more."

"Oh," she says, honey in her voice. "I think I'll cope. It'll be amusing."


She yawns. "Because you won't be able to get out."

I lie there horribly turned on and I remember a dream I had just when we were starting down this path:
Xena and I were in a modern hospital waiting room. Everything was clean and white. She was being affectionate but matter-of-fact. I was feeling supremely calm. I was there to be fitted with some kind of permanent chastity implant.
I also think about how Xena wasn't interested in any sort of grand finale at the end of my 150 day chastity stint - I had to bring myself off in private the following morning.

Though as a wife and partner, she enjoys making me come, with her mistress hat on, she's just not interested in my orgasm. Long term chastity is not about its cumulative effect on me, just her ability to neuter me.

That thought, dear reader, gets me even harder inside my sealed up semi-permanent chastity device.

EDIT: I worked out how to sort of repair my Holy Trainer 2, so end up breaking the seal. It took 45 minutes of careful use of a hairdryer, wet flannels and - eep! - a craft clipper. Not ever going to be a routine task that!

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  1. We have a HT knock off its a Stainless Steel one with the magic or integral lock. My KH and I live on seperate continents she would like a way of permanently locking me in, but with a (perhaps very difficult) but easily detectable way of unlocking in an emergency.

    1. In an emergency, a plastic device can just be cut, which is pretty much as detectable as you can get!


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