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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Holy Trainer 2 and morning wood

Morning wood is the bane of a chaste male's existence!

...sometimes we have a morning erection
because we wake up next to a hot lady in a
bed reeking of well-licked pussy.
Unless you're in an actual chastity belt, you have a good chance of waking up with your chastity device clinging pathetically to the head of your erect cock while your base ring stretches your testicles up along the shaft. Worse, if your device is a cage format with narrow bars it feels as if your cock is being forced through a cheese slicer.

We can lubricate our balls so that the base ring slides without chafing. However that doesn't fix the other problems. We can wake to pee during the night, relieving bladder pressure and thus preventing the erection, but that's not always possible. Also sometimes we have a morning erection because we wake up next to a hot lady in a bed reeking of well-licked pussy.

The thing is, morning wood is still just an erection. True, it's a powerful erection, but we experience these with our partners and don't usually run into the same problems.

It follows that the real issue is not the erection itself, but the fact we've been asleep with the chastity device slowly slipping down our balls.

I realized this when a manufacturing fault in my HT2 resulted in me back in my old Chinese chastity device. I'd forced a silicone tube over the entire base ring making it more comfortable, but also reducing its size by a few millimeters. Imagine my mixed feelings when I woke with a powerful morning hard-on neatly encased in my cheap metal cage.

I ordered up a smaller base ring  for my Holy Trainer 2 and -- surprise surprise -- morning wood isn't a problem anymore. At worst, a centimeter of shaft bares itself, and often it doesn't and I get to wake up with a black plastic tube where my cock should be.

The trick is to go easy on the lubricant or don't use any at all. On me at least, the Holy Trainer base ring grips effectively enough that the extra pressure doesn't hurt the scrotum.

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