Monday, 25 August 2014

How to remove seams from your Holy Trainer 2 male chastity device

I love my Holy Trainer 2. It's so comfortable I can go jogging in it.

However, the finish on these devices isn't always perfect. There are sometimes sharp seams left over from the molding process -- not a terrible flaw in such an inexpensive device, but one I'd love fixed in the Holy Trainer 3.

Sharp thin craft knife.
Removing the seams is pretty easy.

Removing External Seams from the Holy Trainer

Use a sharp thin craft knife to slice them off. Do this carefully with the device resting on a table and always cutting away from your hand. (Make sure you have privacy for this -- getting a surprise while using a sharp knife is a bad idea!)

Removing Internal Seams from the Holy Trainer penis tube

This is harder. Some people use a Dremmel tool plus a polishing head, but I don't have this equipment. A cheaper option is to buy some fine grade wet and dry emery cloth plus some strong elastic bands.

Cut a finger-width strip of the emery cloth, fold it length-wise over the end of your finger, and use an elastic band to secure it. (Not too tight!)

Now wet the Holy Trainer. Hook your finger against the seam and make gentle circling motions to polish it away.

Try not to imagine massaging your keyholder's G-spot... :)

Why not introduce some Female Centered Femdom to your relationship?

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