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Public Displays of Dynamic: What if Female Led Relationships were socially acceptable?

an ultra-politically correct future where...
couples in Female Led Relationships could
be open about it.
Just imagine, an ultra-politically correct future where Domination and Submission was recognized as an orientation, and where couples in Female Led Relationships could be open about it.


Now stop fapping and imagine it more realistically!

It wouldn't be much different from the way things are now, would it? Even so it would be an improvement.

Think about the ultimate mainstream relationship, the vanilla peer relationship, call it VPR.

What's socially acceptable and what's not for VPR folk? Let's use that as a guide:

What's not going to happen is public Femdom
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What's not going to happen is public Femdom.

VPR couples don't generally do sexuality in public. They don't heavy pet on street corners, nor do they do sensual back rubs in the restaurant or have sex on park benches.

Now the natural sexuality of FLR couples is Femdom, so in the same way it won't be sociably acceptable to do Femdom in public.

As people become more accepting of FLR they will also become more aware of Femdom. They'll understand a boot is the equivalent of a boob and a collar as good as a cock ring in certain circumstances. So, no leaving husbands chained outside shops, no public whipping posts, no spending the day shopping dressed as a transvestite latex puppy, no greeting mistress by kissing her boots in the High Street.

Not going to happen.

It's not that people will be prudes, it's just that nobody want's somebody's sexuality rubbed in their faces.

Public displays of FLR affection, however are entirely plausible mostly because it will be impossible to tell what's happening.

The FLR woman will always have the initiative...
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When a VPR couple kiss and -- if young/drunk/in love -- caress in public they're both in control, or passing the initiative back and forth.

The only difference an FLR makes is that the woman will be calling the shots. She may be physically passive while her lover worships her, or physically invasive while he squirms in hopeless arousal. T

he same goes for in relaxed social situations when they flirt or engage in public coziness, e.g. one uses the other's lap as a footstool. The FLR woman will always have the initiative, but you'd have to observe many many episodes in order to spot the underlying dynamic.

All this already happens. Really FLRs being mainstream won't make much difference at all to the way we pursue our sexuality and display our affection. However, there are two areas where it will make a massive difference...

First, public displays of dynamic.

At present, VPR couples openly display their dynamic, flaunting the way they name decisions through negotiation and consensus, showing off the way they look after each other, playfully trading favors.

It would be nice if FLR couples could also display our dynamic, if the women could publicly have the final word, be waited on, playfully misuse her authority and without feeling like a shrew or a bitch, and her partner could be compliant without feeling like a doormat or henpecked husband.

Imagine if she could just say, "Fetch me some coffee," or, "Serve the drinks" and that would be OK?

Second, courting.

If people knew what FLR was, if it was socially acceptable, if it didn't automatically imply heavy Femdom or haunting BDSM clubs and munches, then the world would be a much better place.

 ...people would know who they were and act accordingly.
For a start, people would know who they were and act accordingly. No odd groping through destructive relationships for young submissive men. No wavering between bastards who stand up to them and doormats who don't for young dominant women, and more young women would identify as dominant earlier.

It would also be easier to find appropriate partners. Rather than engage in a diabolical guessing game with the worry of accidentally playing bait and switch, we'd simply take note of whatever the dress codes were: perhaps certain kinds of jewelry would signal orientation.

Finally, just like VPR courting, FLR courting would have an established path, with boundaries and bases. Subs would be aware of their hard limits and expect to see them respected, dommes would know the standard path to intimacy: Do you do Femdom on a first date? At what point does she take control of his orgasms? And so on.

It wouldn't all be plain sailing. There'd be odd double standards among parents who might wish an FLR on their daughters, but not their sons, or regard an FLR son-in-law as a parasite: why can't you get yourself a real man? Raising a family within an openly FLR household will also present all sorts of dilemmas.

But we're talking about the future here, something we'll evolve our way towards. The question remains how we'll make the jump.

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