Friday, 20 February 2015

How to wear the Holy Trainer 2 without lotion (and beat morning wood)

I've been wearing a Holy Trainer 2 male chastity device
most days for about a year.
I've been wearing a Holy Trainer 2 male chastity device most days for about a year. It's not technically secure -- of course -- but it's psychologically secure (longer blog entry on chastity device security here).

Here's what I've learned.

Buying a Holy Trainer 2

Make sure you get a tube that neatly fits your flaccid penis. Too long is disastrous. Much too short is reveals too much shaft when aroused, and also makes you feel your dick is being ripped off.

Similarly, get a small enough ring which is more secure and prevents stray flaps of skin pinching.

The customs people are increasingly wise to small packages coming from Switzerland, so to avoid duty you're best purchasing your chastity device from a local supplier, e.g. in the UK Uberkinky.

When the thing arrives, check it for seams and sand down any you find using fine grade wet and dry paper.

Installing the Holy Trainer 2

You will need your chastity device, a Q-tip and a few moments privacy. (Do your first installation in private so you don't get flustered!)

Don't be tempted to use lotion. Long term this is unhygienic and probably weakens your skin. Short term, it lets the base ring slide making morning wood an unbearable balls-yanking experience.
Without the lotion, the ring grips your scrotum nicely, and doesn't slip much when you get hard.

  1. Install the base ring. Make sure the top is snug with your pubis. At the bottom, leave a couple of fingers width of scrotum free. (This lets you move around.)
  2. Pull your penis through.
  3. Install the tube by pushing your penis down out of the way and starting to slot the tube into place. At the last moment, push your penis up into the tube, then finish installing the tube. (This prevents pinching and gets the penis deeper into the tube.)
  4. Pull the top of the scrotum through the ring so that it's snug and lock the device. Don't be tempted to pull at the front of the scrotum -- that tends to pull your penis back out of the end of the device making peeing harder.
  5. Carefully -- CAREFULLY --insert the Q-tip into the front of the tube and between your penis and the walls. (Avoid pushing the thing into your urethra!!!). Roll the Q-tip around, easing your penis forward until the head is aligned properly against the inside of the pee-hole.
  6. If you're not hard, now push your finger into the back of the tube and ensure all the lose skin is pushed forward into the tube. (This helps prevent the head of your penis rolling back from the end, then getting stuck when you get aroused.)
  7. Now bend over or squat so that your tackle hangs loose. You'll find your penis head has pulled back from the tube end. Repeat steps 5 and 6 then stand up. Your penis should now be securely pressed against the end.
A note on morning wood: Morning Wood is normal and pretty much physiologically unavoidable. It's the bane of chastity device wearers. Typically we wake up in pain, the base ring stretching our balls, the head of our penis swollen and jammed 25% short of the end, and a great length of shaft exposed in a way that feels ugly and vulnerable. 
As you'll have gathered, my trick for beating it is: Use a small enough ring with no lotion so that it grips the scrotum not the balls. Seat the penis properly in the tube, making sure any loose skin is pushed up into it. Avoid pulling on the front of the scrotum so that the skin feeds in when the penis erects.
EDIT: Or you could use the stocking method, which now I have working is pretty amazing. Blog entry to follow once I've worked out how to explain it.

How to urinate in a Holy Trainer 2

The important thing is to get your pee hold lined up hard against the slit. I keep a Q-tip handy to do this, however if I'm out and about my penis is usually shrunken enough that I can merely shake and push on the device to align it.

When peeing, be careful not to lift the device and thus kink your shaft. This makes a mess!

I find I need only expose the tube in order to pee. However, what with the need for a Q-tip, I don't think I'd ever use a public urinal while wearing my chastity device.

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  1. i do love the thought of this, and really really must try it, however my only thought is for hygiene in wearing this for long periods, and the thought of peeing in a public urinal is actually quite a turn on. however i think i would probably go for something in stainless steel maybe something like this one:
    Stainless Steel Chastity Cage.

  2. Not at £99! You'll get cheaper on ebay or DHGATE.

    These days I'm in a Custom Chastity customised "Ghost"


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