Monday, 23 November 2015

Ordering a Custom Chastity 3D Printed Chastity Device! (Includes video)

Custom Chastity
I'm in the middle of the process of getting a personalised - i.e. truly customized - male chastity device from Custom Chastity.

Yes, I still like my Holy Trainer 2. It's a nice looking design and comfortable to wear. The "magic locker" gives it that hi-tech feel. Customer service is good if there are problems. However, now I've had it for more six months over the year mark, my original enthusiasm, has been tempered by three issues:
The HT2 is still one of the best of the established devices. I'm sure it's brilliant if you don't want to wear semi-24/7 like I do. I suspect the Holy Trainer 3 will be an improvement. However, in the mean time I've been looking for a back up or replacement male chastity device that I can wear 24/7.

Other options I considered

I considered, then rejected, various silicon devices because of hygiene and haven't bothered with the CB-X range because of stories of them splitting.

I actually tried the Key Holder  Dream (KHD3) 3D printed chastity device, but didn't get on with the small peehole, plus the wide base ring has issues for everyday wear. There are also doubts about the material for 24/7, since it is slightly porous.  Ultimately, the KHD range as they stand are nice cheap starter devices, far better than the Chinese imports on Ebay. They should be fine if you put them through the dishwasher regularly, but they are not quite right for my anatomy or needs. (Though, I look forward to future KHD offerings, since they are always creative.)

Custom Chastity

Then along came Custom Chastity - Lady Fox dropped by to say how much she liked my vanilla-to-femdom books.

They're a husband and wife team in an FLR like us, and Lady Fox is a 3D designer. End result is 3D printed devices made of surgical nylon, definitely safe for long-term wear - they make prosthetics out of this stuff! - and routinely customisable, hence the name.

They seemed very confident in their products, so I cheekily asked them for a device to review.

Lady Fox said yes and suggested, since I was unsure about the head configuration, that I go for a real custom design. So suddenly I'm getting this deluxe treatment! (The basic devices come in a range of sizes and are about the price of a HT2. The custom ones start at double that.)

We did careful measurements and discussed the design. Then Lady Fox sent me a video of what the device will look like:

My response was, "It looks OK... I guess..." 

I mean, how can I tell by just looking? It all depends on whether my head tucks into the end properly.

"Don't worry", replied Lady Fox, "I'm sending you the resin prototype."

Yes, that's right. They actually send you a disposable resin version so you can see if it really fits. That takes some of the risk out of spending the money. It also means you won't have to mess around posting a device back for fixing and tweaking.

Will my Custom Chastity device be any good?

Will it fit? I have no idea if this version will fit. It doesn't matter as long as a version eventually fits and I'm fairly sure it will - Lady Fox seems to know what she's doing.

Will the final 3D printed result be any good? The reviews on their site seem promising, though I can't seem to find any anywhere else - which is also positive since nobody is being mean about them online either.

I'm certainly looking forward to finding out...

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  1. Hi
    It's been a while since you posted this, how did it go?

  2. They're busy with a super new PA locking system they've just launched. I expect my new device in the next week or so.

  3. They're busy with a super new PA locking system they've just launched. I expect my new device in the next week or so.


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