Tuesday, 1 December 2015

My custom chastity tube design from Custom Chastity

I waiting for the prototype to arrive from Custom Chastity. I'm nervous about the design, so it's probably a good thing they're sending me a dummy version!

Here's the side view (you can see the video in my previous post):

It's a shower-friendly cage but with lovely comfortable flat bars.

It looks painfully short compared to the smaller HT2! However that one is at least 5mm too long for me, and this one doesn't overlap the base ring. So this should be a precise and snug fit - something I've never really experienced.

My dick should lie naturally, bent over and tucked into the end. The bulge is for my crown when I'm hard, but will my dick float up into it when soft? If it does, I should be able to prod it back into place through the bars. We'll see...

Now, here's the front view:

Yes, a nice big peeing slot! It's much more tucked under than on the HT2 but I'm expecting the slot to be long enough that I can see my slit and check it's aligned. Out and about, spraying all over your trousers is not an option. 

Finally, here we have it from the back view.
The devices for bigger cocks have a nice oval entrance. Even so, to chastity fetishist, this is an enticing sight, a lovely smooth ring to welcome you into your erotic prison...

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